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Feb 15, 2009 07:38 AM

Anyone know a good source for fish stock?

Anyone have a good reliable source to purchase fish or lobster stock in the area? I am in the South Loop but have a car so can travel to get it. I have not been able to find any. Thanks!

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  1. Have you tried looking at Fox & Obel?

    You could also try looking at the fish markets. You're more likely to find it at a fish market that sells prepared seafoods (e.g. soups) as well as fresh fish, rather than *only* fresh fish. A place like Burhop's in Wilmette might have it; I'm not familiar enough with the fish markets in the city to know which of them sell prepared foods and are more likely to have it, but you can find recommendations for fish markets in these topics:

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      Isaacson and Stein, a great fish market, does not have it (although I've bought fish parts there to make stock).

      However, both Treasure Island and Whole Foods carry all sorts of specialized stocks in their refrigerated sections. I'm not 100% sure, but I think I've seen seafood stock there.

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        P.S. If Fox & Obel has it - and I bet they do - it would probably be in the refrigerator case to the left of the prepared food counter, with the sauces, rather than in the refrigerator case past the seafood counter, with the soups. (Although I would probably check in both places, just to be sure.)

      2. I haven't been to Davis Street Fish Market in Evanston for years so call first to see if they have it but I remember they made amazing soups - and everything else - when I used to frequent their establishment about 9 years ago. Also you may want to try specialty stores such as Whole Foods or Trader Joes. Good Luck.

        1. I've found it frozen at Whole Foods, but not consistently. I think I've also seen it at Dirks on Clybourn.

          1. Treasure Island has a boxed variety of seafood stock in the soup section, and a "homemade" style available in the freezer case near the frozen meat section. You can also ask the fish monger, they sometimes have some good fish stock in the back.

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              Thank you all for the suggestions... I ended up finding it at Whole the refrigerated/freezer section...didn't even think to look there...they had a few left.

            2. I would go with the Whole Foods variety. My mom made an ubelievalbe Sopa de Mariscos the other day with some Whole Foods stock.

              I was disappointed with the Fish Guy's Stock the other day when making Seafood Paella, YUM!! Yep, it was a bit flavorless. The fresh seafood on the other hand, was outstanding.

              THE FISH GUY
              4423 N. Elston Ave
              Chicago, IL 60630
              (phone) (773) 283-7400