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Feb 15, 2009 07:12 AM

caterer in westchester

I'm looking for a caterer who can do some interesting middle eastern/ Mediterranean foods presented beautifully in large bowls for a self serve party. I would like someone who has done parties(planning, set up, clean up, rentals, etc. ) I have inquired with Hassan at Mint but he has shown a lack of professionalism . he hasn't called back and had no time to speak with me when I was told to come to speak with him at the store. I'm very disappointed as this was the type of thing I wanted. Now I need to find something else- I'm too worried about having to pursue him aggressively and don't think he';ll be able to give the attention that I need . I've followed up twice to no avail. Party is for @ 100 people.

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  1. Do you know Anna Brabazon in Sleepy Hollow? She does exactly what you're looking for, I think. Send her a note at

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      thanks- just emailed her. ?Is she a friend of yours?

      1. re: yeshana

        yep... I do some work with her sometimes.

    2. Don't give up on Hassan at Mint in Tarrytown. He prepared food for a holiday pary I was at on the occasions and the food was FANTASTIC! I vividly remember fall-off-the-bone brisket with all sorts of juicy middle eastern spices. And sides that were to die for! And a fig and cheese crudite that disappeared in minutes...sorry to hear that he is unresponsive...Maybe if you just tell him that you are considering somewhere else if he is unable to accomodate you....

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        I don't have any doubt that he would create the perfect, delicious menu that would be beautifully presented. I have used him in the past as well, but many years ago when he first opened the shop. I have purchased there more recently and he is familiar with my name, face, etc but I'm not a regular. Has he been an active caterer doing whole events with rentals, etc?