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Feb 15, 2009 06:56 AM

in search of a new cooking magazine

dh and i have recently cancelled out subscription to food and wine and we are looking for a new cooking magazine. i am especially interested in "light" cooking, with accessible ingredients, dependable recipes, and short prep times. i will consider all suggestions, even if the magazines are only half food-based (ex food and wine, good housekeeping, etc). right now, i am mainly considering cooking light. does anyone have experience with this magazine? does it fit the bill?

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  1. Cooking Light is a mainstay at my house, we love it. You might google cooking or food magazines and see what comes up. Best thing about Cooking Light is that the recipes are so well done you'd never know they were "light". Highly recommended!

    1. Clean Eating sounds like it would work for you.

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        Clean Eating is great for super-clean, nutritious food, but it's geared more toward fitness buffs than foodies. i'm not knocking it at all - i like it (and i subscribe to its sister publication Oxygen), but it's really basic.

        i like - and subscribe to - both Cooking Light and Eating Well. my only complaint about CL is that they've turned it into too much of a lifestyle magazine so the focus isn't completely on just food anymore...but i still read it and get great ideas from it.

      2. Cooking Light is a nice magazine, but you can get the recipes simply by purcahsing their bound yearly annual recipe book. My biggest gripe about Cooking Light is that the portion sizes on a lot of their recipes are sometimes unrealistically small.

        I subscribed to Gourmet for 40+ years and let that run out 3 or 4 years ago. I haven't missed it. I've also let all my other food magazine subscription run out as well. Sauver runs out this year and I will not renew. I'm debating whether to renew Food & Wine which is still fairly new to me so of some interest. The rest are all kind of "been there/done that" not so interesting or relevant to me any more.

        That said, the one magazine I DO like to receive and will continue to renew is Cuisine at Home. Every recipe I've tried has worked and been pretty decent. Not all their recipes fall into the "healthy" category, but at least half of them usually do. The recipes are easy to follow, mostly use ingredients you probably already have and don't take a huge amount of time to make.

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          "My biggest gripe about Cooking Light is that the portion sizes on a lot of their recipes are sometimes unrealistically small."
          it's interesting to see how differently some of us respond to these matters. one of the things i like *most* about CL is that the portion sizes are reasonable. in fact, it's been a great resource for me to help teach my clients how to prepare appropriately-sized meals.

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            I'm really loving the Edible publications right now --
            about food more than actual recipes, although there's some of those too

            They are popping up all over the place, very localized

          2. Eating Well might work for you - You can check out a lot of recipes online first before subscribing to their magazine (it's a bi-monthly, not a monthly mag). You should be also able to find it on newstands (such as B&N).

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              i LOVE eating well. beautiful magazine. with yummy recipes that are a nice combo of gourmet/healthy/actually makable at home...

            2. Eating Well gets my vote; especially if you enjoy recipes rich in fruits & veggies.
              I tried a complimentary issue of Cuisine @ Home and wasn't blown away by their standard recipes but for a modern cook its nicely done. However, the Edible Publications are wonderful mags, offering regional and seasonal recipes and plenty of food culture articles. Edible Jersey (fairly new for my area) is a terrific magazine and keeps getting better. You can visit the EP website for a list of publications in your area. You can buy the magazine or find it free of charge in many grocery stores and markets. I love the recipes in them.