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Feb 15, 2009 06:50 AM

Sushi in Chinatown


Kidless dinner tonight (we have 3, so these are rare). Would like to have some sushi but also stick around Chinatown since we will inevitably be getting something to take home (like the spicy squid at New Jumbo Seafood).

Are any of the sushi places in Chinatown decent? Is the sashimi in Shabu Zen even worth mentioning (since I could go for a bowl of something hot and spicy)...?.

Any place nearby chinatown good for sushi?

I'm not looking for the $150 aretsy-fartsy suhi places, but like all of my favorite preferences, something simple and decent. Atmosphere is never a priority for me.

Thanks in advanced, we're leaving in abiout 3 hours....

Sutton, MA

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  1. Never tried sashimi at Shabu Zen, so have no idea how it is. If Ginza is closed (and it may well be from what I've seen posted here), your best bet will likely be Suishaya. I preferred it to Apollo Grill last time I ate at both. There are other places in the Boston area I'd prefer to either, but if you want sushi in Chinatown, these are pretty much your two options.

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      Ginza was open today for lunch. We didn't eat there so no opinion. There was a recent thread about the changes in ownership/mgmt.