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Feb 15, 2009 06:46 AM

Cafe Martorano

I was there this past Friday for a 30th birthday dinner with a party of 9. I know this place has been around a long time, but I'd like to reiterate how amazing the food is. Since I was with a large group I got to taste many different dishes. The rice balls, meat balls, all pastas and seafood were so good. The mac and cheese deserves it's own special recognition as it is the creamiest, thickest most decadent mac and cheese I have ever had. The sauce literally coated my mouth and it was beyond great. I loved everything about this place from start to finish. Although we called ahead we still had to wait almost an hour for out table. But hanging out around the tables near the bar, drinking wine and watching movies and fashion shows on the many tvs around the room, while listening to all types of music made the time go fast and it was entertaining. We got a fabulous table right next to the kitchen, sitting next to the spot where the chef/owner was cooking. Soon after we sat down he sent over a small plate of ribs for the table to share. The bread plate was delicious too, which included fantastic seeded italian bread, a flat bread and soft pretzels with a trio of condiments. Our table quickly devoured them and the server was more than willing to give us more pretzels.

The dessert tray was unbelievable and came out with a big sparkler while my table and the waiters sang a quick happy birthday. There was so much dessert that our party of 9 could not finish the whole tray. Before leaving, the owner, and our waiter made a point of saying happy birthday which I thought was really classy and added a great personal touch. This owner really cares about the experience that his diners have in his restaurant and it's something that I appreciated very much.

Go to Cafe Martonaro!

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    1. re: tpigeon

      Cafe Martorano is loud, but it's fun. If you want a quiet, romantic meal, this is not the place. But, if you want a good time and you aren't taking yourself too seriously, you've found your place.

      1. re: nmurawsk

        what was the wait like? Friends of ours from Long Island want to go, but if we go, it's to go when it is at its peak of crowd, noise, and activity. Haven't been in a few years but looking forward to visiting it again.

        1. re: jmdhsmiami

          I called ahead because I had a party of 9. They don't take reservations and we still had to wait an hour. Usually I hate that but, I honestly didn't mind. There was space near the bar (to stand) and there is a lot going on in the restaurant on the walls -movies, fashion shows, music. So, as long as you don't mind have a couple glasses of wine or beer then it isn't bad.