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Feb 15, 2009 06:44 AM

Cafe Tapeo (Park Slope)

Went to Cafe Tapeo last night, and had a delicious, slow sampling of various wines and tapas. Especially liked the chourizo, the Moroccan-spiced carrots and the goat cheese croquettes with garlic. Due to my husband's allergies and tastes, we didn't order anything "adventurous" this time, but some of the seafood dishes looked fantatsic, for future visits.... The staff was very helpful in terms of suggesting wines, and they did not rush us at all. My only complaint was we had to keep begging for water.

I'm no tapas expert by any means, but I thoroughy enjoyed the whole meal. I'm curious to hear what other chowhounds think of Tapeo, and/or recommended dishes. For some reason, it hasn't gotten very many postings so far.


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  1. What type of food is it now? It used to be a Spanish tapas restaurant, but "Moroccan-spiced carrots" sure don't sound Spanish to me. How were the price points?

    I had originally wanted to go some time ago, but the place was not getting rave reviews. A recent chef change may have helped them out.

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      Tried to go last night, but it was closed. There were ladders, etc. inside, but no sign. Anyone know if it's closed "for renovations" or closed for good?

      1. re: parkslopemama

        It's been that way since mid-April. They put up a sign that they were extend restaurant week til the end of April and a few days later it was closed. It clearly looks like it's closed for good. A few months ago they changed their menu to add full-sized entrées to their tapas menu. Guess whatever they tried did not work.

        1. re: bobjbkln

          The back door (on Bergen) is open fairly often. I don't know if Blacksheep is using the kitchen or if they are actually doing some work in there.

          1. re: jacobdev

            I find it odd that the space has a sign pointing to where black sheep pub is. Leads me to believe that Black Sheep Pub may in fact be taking over the space and expanding...

            1. re: ginsbera

              I was under the impression that Black Sheep Pub had the same owners as Cafe Tapeo. Maybe that's why the signage?