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Feb 15, 2009 06:05 AM

2 for 1 tix South beach food & wine

Was watching local ABC news this morning here in Miami and there was a segment on the food and wine festival. They were talking about "sweetheart of a deal" 2 for 1 tix on certain events. Out of curiosity (we've never been before basically because of the outrageous ticket prices) I went on the site to see what was on offer. Nada ... couldn't find a thing either on the tix page, the home page, nothing.

Anyone know what this supposed deal was and how to access it / find events on offer 2 for 1?

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    1. Here is the ticket page... Some of the events that aren't sold out are half price, but not all of them. I got tickets for a Wine Spectator Seminar, $100 instead of $200. It's a great deal!