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Feb 15, 2009 05:46 AM

Dart Bowl (Bowling Alley)

I haven't been in several years but as I recall they made some dang good enchiladas (for a bowling alley!).

Anyone been lately?

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  1. I am a big fan of the enchalidas at Dart Bowl. I am also a big fan of eggs and they combine the two to create one hot mess.

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    1. re: groovinpinky

      And as I recall they serve it with some really good homemade toast that is perfect for soppin' up the sauce.

      1. re: bloody hammer

        Yes, that toast is wonderful! You get a choice of items with the enchiladas, I believe, and my friend made the mistake of getting something other than the toast. Once we were served, the toast was so good we had to order an extra side. The enchiladas were quite good, although very slightly watery.

    2. cant forget the fried egg cheeseburger, the perfect amount of greasy spoon goodness!

      1. Went bowling with my kids there last week, and we had some excellent fries. Hand cut skin on, right out of the deep fryer. I haven't had a burger from there in a few years but IIRC they were very good, thin patties though. You probably need to have a double meat to truly appreciate it.

        1. The food is good, but--and they may have been having an off night--the service was terrible last time I went there.

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            I had a review deleted a while back - not sure why - but we tried to go in for enchiladas and gave up after an hour of waiting for our order. Other patrons appeared ready to light torches and gather pitchforks.

            My kids were so traumatized that whenever I say we're going out for enchiladas, they say, "We're not going to that bowling place, are we?"