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Feb 15, 2009 05:23 AM

Where to buy mutton?

After reading this blog by Mark Bitten, I think it's high time I get some mutton and try it out.

Any idea on where to buy raw mutton? I'd like to cook it at home to keep it simple.

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  1. No idea where to buy it raw but Sam's BBQ serves it. It's real good but I have to admit it's the only mutton I've ever had so I can't fairly compare it to others.

    1. Owensboro, Kentucky has only mutton BBQ. It is without doubt the best BBQ there is. They even have a festival every spring and been there three times, it is the bomb.
      You can buy mutton from in Owensboro from Moonlight BBQand they ship. Best part to get is the leg with some ribs still attached, cook as for 7 hour lamb and sit back and love it. You can get it cooked, but as you say the raw is better, way better. In this region they use a mop of vinegar with worcestershire sauce and it great.

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        Fiesta Mart always has mutton.They call it Lamb Breast. It's ribs of sheep,raw,cryovac-ed and inexpensive. Not in the mood for a long cooking process? Go to Sam's on e.12th st,they serve it from their smoker.