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Feb 15, 2009 05:22 AM

La Canada

I'm considering moving to La Canada because I just can't stand LA (with the exception of the restaurants) and want excellent public schools. How bad are the restaurants in this area? Are there at least five restaurants worth going to within a 10-minute driving radius? Thanks!

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  1. Sure. There's plenty in Montrose, several in Pasadena and all the Armenian you can eat in Glendale.

    1. And when you get in trouble and are sentenced to spend some time in the "Dog House" you are in luck, because it will a more delicious stay than is typical:

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        You just made my day (and my decision to move a lot easier). Thanks.

      2. i've lived in la canada since 1990. the schools are definitely outstanding. (since the kids are now grown, we will be moving very soon.)

        there are several nice restaurants in la canada and the proximity to pasadena, montrose & glendale is great.


        1. LOL They're not bad at all. It's not in the backwoods or anything like that. If you take a drive down Foothill, you'll find more restaurants than you can ever want to eat in. Plus, Pasadena is nearby.

          1. La Canada, San Marino and South Pasadena were our three choices when we relocated here. I can say that now, South pas has a number of restaurants to choose from in the time since we have moved here.
            It seems La Canada would be an easy enough location to get to some "good eats" in nearly every direction.