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Feb 15, 2009 04:20 AM

A Foodies Spring Break - L.A. to AZ

I am flying out to Arizona for my spring break in mid-March and am looking for awesome yet not expensive (doesn't have to be super cheap either) places to eat. Having never been anywhere near this area of the country I am really flying blind as to good places to eat. I am staying with my mother who is a recent mover to Cottonwood Arizona but am flying in to LAX and then taking either I-10 or I-40 over to Cottonwood. I'm all ears for any tips or ideas for great restaurants of any style of cooking along these routes.

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  1. You really have 3 different geographic (and hence 3 different board posts) areas you're asking about. The Los Angeles board reaches out to about the San Bernadino city area (roughly). From the other side of that area to the Arizona border you need to ask on the California board and then across the state line you are on the Southwest board,

    So, all that said, what time will you be at LAX and are you looking for something to eat within the next hour or so of driving east?

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      Sorry about the general nature of the post and yes I have posted on the Southwest board, but we will be in LAX around 5PM if there are no delays and then we will probably have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the area at some point during the week.

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        So, 5 PM and leaving LAX and heading to dinner. If you are looking for something upscale you'll have to head farther away from the airports immediate area. If you would be in the mood for something very creative in terms of Mexican then La Huasteca in Lynwood could be a good choice. Another easy and pretty close by choice would be Mariscos Chente for Sinaolan seafood specialties. Chente would be quite a bit cheaper than La Huasteca, but both would be interesting.

        La Huasteca
        3150 E Imperial Hwy, Lynwood, CA 90262

        Mariscos Chente
        4532 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90066

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          Both places sound great and I love seafood in all forms.

    2. if you are on the road during breakfast time, i seuggest the Chij Fil A on the 210 east near Upland. get the chick fil a in a biscuit sliders.

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        So you are recommending a fast food chain, on a highway the poster is not likely to travel, driving from the LAX area to Arizona?

        For breakfast, heading east from the greater L.A. area, assuming the I-10 (Santa Monica freeway leg) from I-405 through mid-city L.A., continue east on SR 60 (Pomona Freeway), exit at Azuza Avenue in City of Industry, left on Azuza, the right on Gale Avenue (just on the other side of the freeway) to Frisco's Fifties Diner. Typical egg dishes and pancakes. Generous portions. I particularly like their hash brown potatoes, the omelet with everything in it, topped with ripe avocado, and their pancakes are outstanding. Bonus, friendly waitresses on roller skates and if you wish, you may dine in a booth fabricated from part of a fifties automobile.

        Continue east on SR 60 and it eventually merges with the eastbound I-10 which takes you straight to Phoenix.

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          Adding Places link for Frisco's

          Frisco's Car Hop Drive-In
          18065 Gale Ave, City of Industry, CA 91748

      2. If you take the 10 east you should stop at Hadley's Date Farm and have a Date Milk Shake.

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          And you can visit the dinosaurs made famous by "Peewee's Big Adventure" next door to Hadleys (exit I-10 at Cabazon). Beware, once you are past Indio, nothing but desert landscape all the way to Phoenix, don't expect to find any road food along the way between Indio and Blythe.

        2. are you going to be spending any time in phoenix proper? if so please reply and i'll give you as many PHX places as you can handle. if you go to cottonwood through phoenix you'll have tons of chow options, both high-brow and hole in the wall.

          also, don't plan on finding anything super good once you leave the greater LA area. almost everything along I-10 is fast food. one option would be to stop at Bay Cities Deli in Santa Monica and get a couple of Godmother sandwiches to keep in a cooler? those sandwiches are pretty well-known in LA.

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            Please note, gloms1ck has indicated that s/he has already posted on the Southwest board, which is where you will want to recommend Phoenix area restaurants.

          2. If you elect to travel east on I-40, once you leave Barstow its a big, dry desert, in terms of terrain and food options. If you want to pitstop in Barstow I'd recommend the In-N-Out at the outlet stores at Lenwood (just south of Barstow). Besides the burgers, this In-N-Out has extra large, impeccably clean restrooms. We've never found anything other than chain fare either at the outlets, or on Main Street in Barstow. We have been successful getting sandwiches made for us in the service deli of one of the supermarkets on Main Street.

            There will likely be nothing to eat between Barstow and Kingman.

            In-N-Out Burger
            2821 Lenwood Rd, Barstow, CA

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              A little off topic, but how do you add the links for the locations of places into your posts?

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                  Thanks. Now if I ever need to do that I know how.