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Feb 15, 2009 04:02 AM

Best delivery pizza in Chevy Chase? Best delivery Chinese?

I'd love to know what the best pizza and Chinese are that can be delivered -- and anything else, for that matter. We used to use Armands, but their delivery division must have changed ownership -- it is absolutely awful. Tastes like cardboard. We don't always have a car, so takeout isn't an option. Thanks!

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  1. When I lived in that area, I never had pizza delivered - but I got take out at mei wah regularly. Now that I'm in a different neighborhood, I miss it. The Dupont one is not nearly as yummy. Granted, it's very Americanized chinese, but it's very good. I've only ever had take out, not delivery, but they run a HUGE take out/delivery option.

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      Agreed about Mei Wah for delivery. Plus, they're super-fast.

      I've also had good luck with Listrani's pizza, though whether they deliver is based on where in Chevy Chase you are.

    2. Have you tried Corner Slice? It's good, basic NY-style pizza. Nothing fancy, but pretty good, and I am pretty sure they deliver.

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        corner slice is ok.

        for chinese, i recommend golden house - but its in bethesda so i'm not sure if you're in delivery range or not. you can always stop by though- theyre located where little tavern burgers used to be on wisconsin.

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              Downtown Bethesda

              Corner Slice
              7901 Norfolk Ave, Bethesda, MD

      2. Chevy Chase in MD or DC? In ChCh, DC, there's no good delivery pizza. I haven't tried any of the Chinese restaurants that leave fliers on the front door, but usually just run (drive) over to Foong Lin in Bethesda.

        1. Depending on where you are in Chevy Chase I really love Angelico's, particularly their spinach and artichoke pizza. It's not gourmet crust, but it has a really nice buttery flavor.

          1. Another pizza place option is Potomac Pizza - they are usually pretty good.

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              I would disagree -- I've had a lot of cardboard from them, alas.