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Reggie's Old-Fashioned Sandwiches, new place Beside Craft Burger on King

Anyone heard anything about it. Its opening next month. I seen it yesterday walking past, grabbed a flyer and will post the menu soon. Most exciting part, open 24/7. It looks like classic quick diner food with a few modern additions. Only part that could bring it down is the menu is huge. I'm hoping everything is made in house like the places on Diners Drive-ins And Dives. Toronto needs more of those. The fact that it is 24/7 could guarantee success if the food is at least half decent. A place to go and get a good philly cheese steak at 4 am would be nice.

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  1. We definitely need more worthwhile 24 hour spots, the selection is dreadful in the wee hours of the morning

    Keep us posted!

    1. Tell me about it, I want to tour with Guy Fieri, no where in toronto grows and makes it's own food it's all frozen crap, name one diner in Toronto that's doing it from scratch.......ZERO

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        Donlands Restaurant does it from scratch

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          What do you like at Donlands Restaraunt?

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            Aside from the usual (banquet burger, club sandwich) Their chopped steak was very good. Massive portion and perhaps just a bit TOO smothered in homemade gravy.

      2. I went to Reggie's today. Think it opened on the weekend, and the line-up was very long. I ordered the Rowe roast beef. VERY DISAPPOINTING. The bread is nice but they cut it much too thick -- about 1++ inches per slice. The beef was only ok, very little flavour and a big gristly piece right in the middle. The watercress was yellowed and woody and had no flavour at all and there was no mustard or mayo just a tiny bit of butter on one slice of bread. I added salt and pepper but it was still just blah. And with a Coke it cost almost $13.
        My friends had a roast turkey (dry, same problem with the bread), a Club (baguette that ripped open the roof of his mouth) and a grilled cheese which was the cheapest and the best.
        Can't really recommend it -- go to Craft Burger instead or the little mom+pop lunch place at Brandt and Adelaide.

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          its actually at king and portland

        2. My girlfriend and I went for lunch today which was our first visit. She had the Rowe Farms Roast Beef and I had the pulled pork. We split a poutine. We both enjoyed our sandwiches very much. They're quite big! The beef was thinly sliced and quite tasty with enough fat but not too much fat. I would have preferred the pork to have been completely immersed in sauce and for the sauce to be thicker but that's a preference thing that no restaurant will ever satisfy everyone. The poutine was HUGE! We barely finished it. We both rate Caplansky's poutine as best in the city. My girlfriend likes Reggies more than Smoke's largely due to a better gravy.

          I love that the place is open 24 hours. I suspect we'll have a few late night or early morning sandwich runs during the summer.

          Definitely worth a visit and we'll be back to try many of their other sandwiches.

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            can't wait to try the poutine on a drunken weekend night. it's only 3 minutes away from my place, yay!

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              Tell me more about the poutine - I'm guessing that it's a house made gravy, but what about the cheese? Fresh curds? Shredded mozz? Quoi?!

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                It seems to be a house made gravy. The fries are fresh cut. Curds for the cheese. Not a lot of squeak factor if you care for that sort of thing. I don't. I just care that they are curds and not shredded cheese. They are served piping hot in a large round plastic container. It'll need a few minutes to cool down a bit.

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                  Thanks for the reply - they are now on my short list of places to try. I've got a coupla pho places and now Reggie's that I hope to get to this week. Nota Bene can wait.

            2. So where exactly is this place...address?

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                571 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

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                  Just had a great turkey sandwich at Reggies at 5am!!! Fresh bread, chunks of turkey. Going back soon!!

              2. Tried Reggie’s for the first time today and was quite a bit beyond disappointed. Had to return everything and go to Craft Burger instead. It was easily the worst sandwich I’d had in a year, if not longer.

                I ordered the Home Made Corned Beef (which comes with swiss, pickle, mustard, mayo) and leek & potato soup. The good news is it’s home made. The bad news is it’s certainly not corned beef. The best way to describe it is thick, tough shards of what looked like some part of the round that seemed to have been simply boiled. Not steamed or braised, which might have given it some tenderness. This meat was tight, rubbery, and uniformly grey, as if it had been dunked in a roiling pot and left for a while.

                And then salted heavily. Now obviously corned beef should be salty (hence the ‘corned’) but it’s salty because it’s cured in salt, which, again is going to improve the tenderness and texture. This really just tasted like it had had salt dumped on much later in the prep.

                They held the mayo, per my request, because I find it odd they consider mayo standard on corned beef and Swiss. But they also held the pickle, mustard and all but a tiny sliver of the Swiss. All on the far-too-thickly-cut bread a previous poster mentioned and given a very cursory toasting and wrapped in foil, uncut.

                As for the soup, it tasted mostly of some kind of cheese, but not leek or potato and was shot through with congealed gobs of what looked like corn starch that had probably been used to thicken it.

                Having said all that, the rest of my experience was pretty much a textbook example of the best way to deal with a disappointed customer. When I reached the counter and returned my lunch, Helen, the woman manning the cash, was most apologetic. She immediately refunded my money and wrote a note on the back of my receipt comping another lunch should I choose to return. Which I might. Looking around, everyone else’s sandwiches looked quite nice, massive slices of bread aside. I almost got the feeling I’d been given a prank sandwich.

                So it’s possible that I had a completely anomalous experience. Still, if you’re going to order the corned beef, you might want to ask to see it first.

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                  Did your sandwich look like this? My boyfriend ordered it and had more or less the same complaints.

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                    That's what the meat looked like, although it looks like it's cut semi-reasonably. Mine was in shards. The sandwich itself looks about ten times better than the one I got. It even has toothpicks!

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                    Reggie's corned beef is abysmal. For starters, it's grey. Try the turkey or smoked salmon. Much better!

                    1. re: ChalkBoy

                      Thanks for the tip, ChalkBoy. My co-worker tried the turkey today and says it's the first sandwich he's had there that he'd order again.

                    2. re: tbonetak

                      Corned beef can be grey, especially if they are cutting back on the nitrite cure. Shards are common in overcooked front quarter corned beef or brisket, but not for cured round. The photo shows a slightly pink cure. I have never heard of adding salt after the cure, or during the simmer. I think we need more information about the preparation of this meat.

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                        The amount of nitrite in the cure did occur to me. But although our information about how it's made is incomplete, I really wouldn't put the effort in. Not worth it when there's better to be had quite easily.

                    3. My partner and I tried the philly cheese steak and the roast turkey/ham (Croque Monsieur?) and fries. All were delish. Especially the fries that we ate on the way home along King Street.

                      Went back one day for lunch and had the Avocado/Egg Salad - great combo. My only complaint was the very long wait. Mlukan was right one identifying the huge menu -they need to streamline the menu in order to speed things up. Long line at lunch will lose customers. Don't get the delay - as the have a lot of staff.

                      1. Went last night at 11pm. (Toronto needs more late night places!)

                        I ordered the Monte Cristo. It's made of ham, turkey (from a roasted bird), swiss cheese and mozz, with dijon and mayo. No mayo for me but I found the turkey meat dry and there to be almost no dijon. As mentioned above, the sandwich was rather bready. Overall I thought it was OK; really good when hot but meh when room temp to cool. The meat and cheese serving was generous so definite points for that.

                        The other members of my party had the turkey sandwich with was deemed good though too heavy on the mayo (probably to compensate for the dry meat) and barely any cranberry relish. Another had the veg sandwich on rye since they ran out of focaccia. That sandwich looked really good and he said it was great.

                        I like the style of their fries, which is skin on, chip truck fries. We found them a bit soggy but my friends fund them serviceable.

                        I probably wouldn't return as it's kinda pricey (2 juices, 1 fries, turkey sand + monte cristo) came to $24 and service is slow.

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                        1. re: chocabot

                          I went last night and also ordered the Montecristo sandwich.

                          Mine was absolutely delicious and very generous indeed, in fact I believe that I still have some left in the fridge.

                          My one complaint was with the service. I told my GF about it this morning and she disagreed with me, and so I felt moved to write about it this morning.

                          The sandwich came to $8.16 with tax and so I handed over $8.25 (A five dollar bill, 2 loonies and a quarter), waited for my 6 cents change... and it was never given to me so I sat down and waited for my sandwich.

                          After a few moments of thinking about this I went back to the counter and told that guy that he hadn't given me my 6 cents change. He laughed and said "You want your 6 cents?!", to which I replied in the positive and he looked at me incredulously. At that moment I was tempted to grab him by the collar and tell him that he shouldn't assume anything regarding how much change I want or don't wish to receive... but I kept my cool.

                          Now, I know it was only 6 cents, but in my mind it's the principle of the thing (plus these days I really do need to watch every penny I have!).

                          As I said, I found the sandwich delightful, but because of the server's attitude, I will most probably not return... but hey, I'm just a cranky old Scotsman!

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                            I had a similar thing happen (an employee take their sweet time returning my change, then acting surprised when I requested the change) at C5 when I paid cash for an espresso when drinks were not included in a set menu for a group dinner.

                            About 6 separate cheques arrived at the table, soon after dessert had been finished. I was the only person who hadn't ordered wine that night, so my cheque was small potatoes. The other 5 diners received their receipts immediately, and I waited and waited, while the table cleared out. And waited. At least 15 minutes, in a restaurant that was near empty. She eventually realized I was still there, and came over with my change, and said she had trouble finding cash change because the others paid by credit card. The espresso was $3 or so, before tax. I had given the young server a $10, and I think the young server hoped I was a type who would let her keep all the change. Still gave her a tip, and rounded up to $5 partly because I felt cheap for not ordering wine that night when wine was ordered all around me, but I just can't bring myself to tip anyone 115 % for less than adequate service.

                            Irks me when cabbies do the same thing.

                        2. We went two more times to Reggies. The second last time I had the chicken parm sandwich. It was good. Nice and hot. Good tomato sauce. We had the mac & cheese sticks which were interesting and tasty. I think they should offer different dipping sauces other than just ketchup.

                          The last visit I had the salami and proscuitto sandwich. That was the most disappointing sandwich that I've had there. It wasn't bad or tasted terrible but the proscuitto was cut a little too thick which made it hard to bite and chew. We tried the poutine again and noted some differences from last time. It was a smaller portion and the gravy was darker and had a little more backbone to the flavour.

                          1. Absolutely the worst Philly cheese steak I've ever had. That being said, I'm willing to give this place another chance based purely on the quality of Craft Burger. Next review to come shortly as I am literally about to eat a Monte Cristo from Reggie's as I'm typing this...

                            Come onnnnn new bike...

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                              I'm confused by your granting of another chance because it's near Craft Burger, as they have different owners. From the one (and only) time I've been to Reggie's, I'd say you're better off using For Your Eyes Only as a benchmark.

                              1. re: grizzlor

                                I see you also tried the rubbery, chewy shoe sole they try and pass off as a Philly. Hell if they called it a roast beef and cheese sandwich it would not make it better. There should be a support group for people who have tried to eat this disaster.

                                Two bites and I threw it out, it was one of the worst sandwiches I have ever tried, period.

                                Craft Burger is in no danger of losing customers to this place. If it was 1 a.m. and Craft was closed I would break in and make my own food rather than order from Reggie's again.

                                1. re: JPJ

                                  I get the impression that a lot of fancy, upscale sandwich shops are not pounding there steaks anymore. This used to be quite common with small mom and pop sandwich shops, often owned by Greeks or Italians recently arrived. They used inexpensive cuts of front quarter beef, or sirloin tip, and made it tender by pounding it flat and creating more area to cook quickly over coals. A modern yuppie oriented shop will not have the time or talent to do this.

                              2. Just a beacon of light for Reggies...

                                I had the most delicious tuna melt there today. Perfectly toasted on the outside, and delicious cheesy-goodness on the inside. (under 6 bucks)
                                and a wicked caesar salad... fresh and crunchy, not overly dressed, but very tastey.

                                1. I went here over the weekend at around 2AM. My standards drop after midnight when there are fewer choices available. It's much better than a nukerrito from 7-11, and more expensive, but you can order fried mac n cheese for $3 more as a side to your sandwich. My wife had the chicken club which was good and bacon-y. I had the aforementioned fried mac n cheese which was a little breadier than I was expecting, but still good enough to satisfy late night hunger pangs.