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Feb 14, 2009 08:07 PM

Bone Marrow recipes wanted

I am specifically looking for ideas using roasted bone marrow. In a google search Fergus Henderson's recipe keeps popping up as well as a food and wine magazine recipe. Any others out there. I bought a whole bunch of beef marrow bones and already used some for soup.

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  1. There's a great book called "Bones". I use the marrow to make risotto milanese as well as just plain roasted marrow bones and spread it on toast.

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      I second the risotto milanese - by happy accident we mixed some marrow from veal osso buco into accompanying risotto (because I didn't have any bread on hand) and it was DIVINE!

    2. I have never had this and was wondering what kind of bones do you use for roasted marrow and where do you get them. Thanks

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        Beef leg bones. Asian markets often are a good source. You might have to buy the end joints as well as the long part that has the marrow, but around here the price is $0.99 a pound. And if you have a dog or want to make beef stock, there's nothing wasted.

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            Femur bones and I try to avoid Asian markets for beef in general, but for bones--I guess it wouldn't matter much.

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              If you use the Asian DOES make a difference healthwise, especially in the marrow !

        1. What do you mean by recipes? There's not really much that you can do with the stuff other than roast it spread on toast or something similar and eat it.

          Are you just not sure how to roast it?

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            I was thinking the same thing. You could always make a nice beef stock. I put them in my tomato sauce.

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              Marrow Dumplings are best when served in vegetable soup with a beef stock base or in chicken soup!

              1/3 cup raw marrow (3oz)
              2 teaspoons finely cut parsley
              2 eggs, unbeaten
              1/2 teaspoon salt
              1/4 teaspoon paprika
              20 soda crackers, rolled fine (1 cup) (I have used fine plain bread crumbs)

              Scoop marrow from beef shank bone and press through a course sieve. Add remaining ingredients in order given and beat until thoroughly blended. Let stand 2 minutes to stiffen slightly for easier handling. Shape level tablespoon of mixture into balls with hands. Drop into boiling soup, cover and boil gently 5 minutes. Serve at once in soup.
              4 to 5 servings

              I love these Marrow Dumplings and make them often especially for vegetable soup. They freeze well, too! Just make, spread balls onto a flat pan or tin and put in freezer uncooked. When frozen solid put tinto a plastic freezer bag. Then when you are making a soup just pop a few in to cook with the soup.

              Recipe is from "Meta Given's Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking" Vol. one - p. 244

            2. I bought some marrow bones from the Jewish deli. i roasted them and spread the marrow on toast. I had also brushed them with some herbs. I was underwhelmed. What am I missing?

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              1. re: sarah galvin

                Maybe sea salt (I like the big, flaky kind) and something a bit acidic (like lemon or balsamic)? I think marrow is one of those things that some people love fervently and some people are just sort of indifferent to (I'm in the former camp, but have many friends in the latter).

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                  Parsley salad! The salty-acidic bite really helps cut the fat so you feel like you're not eating a big lump of butter. It's in Fergus Henderson's recipe

                2. I made a consume' in school a long time ago that was garnished with sliced marrow. If you couldn't push it out cold in one piece, then a cleaver applied to an end standing upright did the trick....gooood luck !