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Feb 14, 2009 06:58 PM

So, now that I've made my own pasta.... the frick do I clean the thing?

Made fettuccine, and really enjoyed the experience. The problem lies in the cutting blades. There is dough up in them, and it doesn't look like it will come out easily short of disassembly. Surely there is a veteran pasta maker out there with an answer. Right?

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  1. Did your attachment come with a little brush? That's taken care of mine. But I've a newbie to pasta so can't help much.

    1. I make pasta all the time and I never had that problem. I'm guessing your dough may have been too moist--that is maybe you didn't wait long enough before putting it through the cutting. My wife once washed mine machine with water--I was worried, but it still worked. Although I don't recommend such treatment, I'm still using it, so it wasn't the end of the world.

      1. I'm pretty sure my machine directions caution never to wash it for fear of rusting. Perhaps if you let it air dry for a while, dust it with flour, then crank it, maybe the dough will work itself out. Then use the little brush. I've not had this problem either.

        I'm also envisioning running a piece of pita bread or a dry tortilla through, but that might compound your problem.

        1. Just let it dry, brush away, and then next time, sacrifice a bit of dough to clean it out by running it through and letting it pick up the crumbs.