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ribs in Philly or 'burbs

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I'm trying to find local places that serve good barbecue ribs, including takeout joints. There used to be a notable place in the upper end of
Germantown Ave, for example, name unknown. Thanks for any leads..............

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  1. I have never been there, but I have heard amazing things about Wooley's in Ambler. It is not a real restaurant, just a guy that smokes some amazing ribs (I think he does brisket, chicken, etc. too) and he sets up shop on weekends on Mt. Pleasant Ave (right off the train tracks), the place is always packed, so I think thats a good sign!

    It is hard to find great ribs in the area, but Sweet Lucy's and Abner's offer decent ribs.

    1. The place on Germantown Ave. is called the Rib Crib. Still there. Still good. Abner's in Jenkintown is decent. It's not fabulous but will satisfy the craving. Sweet Lucy's is reliably good.

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        There is another place in Germantown Pike in Collegeville called Phil's Famous BBQ.

      2. Smokin Lil's in Doylestown has great ribs. In center city phila try Phoebe's on South St near 22nd st. It is take-out only

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          I think Smokin' Lil's were good, but not great. Maybe it was the weekday lunch-time I went (from Jury Duty) but I wasn't too excited. I still say the best ribs I've had in the area are up in Easton at Fat Daddy's BBQ. If you go to one of the festivals in the Lehigh Valley, they usually have a truck set up. They do a phenomenal dry rub that really complements the meat well.

        2. Jimmy's BBQ (or Barbecue) just opened recently in Westgate Plaza, Frazer PA & is good.

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            I will second that. Jimmy's has good ribs as well as pork, brisket, chicken and sides. Don't miss the bacon.

          2. Whistlers Inn, Cinnaminson NJ has their own smokehouse and does a great job with the Ribs. Also a great variety of beers on tap.

            1. Rosey's In Jenkintown. Had their ribs last week, and they were "OMG"

              1. If you’re willing to travel for ribs, take the Commodore Barry Bridge to Jersey, take route 322 a couple of miles (Swedesboro) and on the left hand side along the gas station across from the Wawa are the Jersey Q BBQ guys. They used to have a little restaurant on the left before you hit that intersection, but the overhead was too much for them to keep it up so they’re back to the corner by the gas station. I love their ribs, love their chicken, love their collard greens, love pretty much everything these people cook!

                The Rib Crib is one of my all time favorite rib places… those are the kind of ribs that DON’T fall of the bone and I prefer them that way. They also manage to render most fat off the bones, so they’re not greasy. We get a whole rack, half spicy sauce and half regular bbq.

                1. Smoke Daddy's Barbecue is take out unless you are a member of the Lansdale Eagles Club.
                  http://smokedaddysbbq.com/ His summer hours are wed - saturday. For wed and thurs it is five til seven thirty and then the usual four to eight on fri and sat.
                  He offers a variety of ribs, people love the burnt endz, as well as chicken and brisket and sides. Dang it ! Now I'm hungry for Smoke Daddy's!