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Feb 14, 2009 05:44 PM

Spicy Garden (Indian) next to Patel Brothers in Catonsville (Bmore)

anyone try this? it has a lot of south indian. it has non-veg but only chicken I think.
has some indo-chinese as wel. not sure if any other places in bmore area have indo-chinese.

I think Indiclub in woodlawn also has south indian.

glad to have 1 or two more south indian places in the bmore area besides mango grove in columbia.

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  1. Oh, excellent! We'll have to add this to our list to visit when we're out that way! I like Mango Grove a lot, but driving to Columba for a dosa fix isn't always very convenient.

    Mount Everest in Parkville has some south Indian things as well -- including dosas, which are great.

    Mt Everest Restaurant
    7927 Belair Rd, Baltimore, MD

    1. Mirchi Wok, which is attached to Mango Grove, has a couple indo-chinese dishes.

      Spicy Garden has "interesting" hours. I've been twice and both times they said to come back later because the kitchen was closed. Both times was in the middle of the day. Hopefully I'll hit it at the right time one day.

      1. didn't know about the SI at everest. though I as of now, don't go to that area much. I used to svc my car in Towson. maybe I will again.

        I went to spicy garden in the last afternoon/early evening yesterday.
        more specifically I went in and came out without getting food.

        here's the link to their menu.

        1. The food and the service was exceptional. I have been for Lunch and Dinner couple of times at this place and didn't find much difference in terms of quality, quantity and service. I would recommend this restaurant to everybody looking for Indian Food.
          My favorite at this place is Chilli Chicken and Rava Dosa.

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            Thanks. I was curious about this place also.

            Has anyone tried that Linsy's latino restaurant and deli in the same shopping center?

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              Just went couple days ago. Following The Sun's recommendations, we ordered the Tomato Utappam and Onion Pakora. I didn't get chilies in my utappam, but it was still good. The chutney was very different and very good, but certainly not for everyone. I don't associate this type of chutney with "green chutney" like the review. Onion pakora was solid.