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Feb 14, 2009 05:41 PM

Looking for Korean BBQ Recommendations in LA

I think i have done most of the K-town BBQ places. I am looking for a spot closer to home now that i have a little kid the food journeys are few and further between. Anybody eaten at Jian? Are there any places in Hollywood or west of Hwood?


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  1. Shin BBQ. I've never been but I hear its really good and authentic. Jian and Gyenari are more commercialized.
    Your best bet would be K-town but you should check these places out.

    1. But Hwd is so close to K-town...!

      My limited experience with K-town-adjacent KBBQ is that it mirrors the phenomenon we see here with Little Saigon: stuff around the edges is very expensive in comparison to the real deal, more accessible to outsiders, but also not nearly as good.

      I guess I suggest sucking it up and getting to know the Red and Purple lines if you don't want to hack the traffic. We had our little 'un out and about really early on.