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Feb 14, 2009 04:25 PM

Valentine Dinner at Trinity

We just returned from "Trinity". It is the the first time we have been to the restaurant and will not be the last. The food and service were amazing,

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  1. vtt7....can you elaborate a bit we would love to hear about your experience there.

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      We had early reservations (5:00 pm). I had called the beginning of Feb and they were already getting booked. We went to the bar when we first got to the restaurant. The drinks were 7.50 each but were really good and worth the money. I drink vodka...was disappointed they did not have Smirnoff, however, a lot of the more upscale restaurants do not carry that brand. I had Stoli......

      We each started off with the crabcake as an appetizer. It was a generous sized crabcake and just about the best crabcake I have ever had in any restaurant. All jumbo lump meat and no fillers.....We then had a salad which was also a generous size and only the best greens...I had Kobe short ribs as an entree and my husband had the seabass. Our meals were excellent. The dessert was a tasting of 3 desserts. There was a mini creme brulee, a dark chocolate cake and a bread pudding with raisins, cinnamon and bananas. I do not like bananas so I passed on the bread pudding. The other two desserts were excellent, especially the creme brulee. This was a prix-fix meal because of Valentine's Day. I cannot wait to go back and have a meal from their regular menu.

      1. re: vtt7

        That is a damn fine crabcake, isn't it? It's funny, there are so many outstanding dishes on the menu at Trinity that the crabcake undeservedly gets overlooked. Other than the cake at Faidley's in Lexington Market, it may be the best I've had as well.

        1. re: vtt7

          vtt7....thank you for the review. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Trinity is on my top 5 must go restaurants. I have never heard anything but good.

          1. re: Tapas52

            When you order from the regular menu, do not gloss over the Trinity burger. It may just be the best burger in NJ.

            Also, if they have the arepa appy... ;o)