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Buckwheat Flour in Edmonton

I have been looking for buckwheat flour and have had limited success. Did the Safeway, S-O, Sobey's on Jasper. I found some at planet organic but although it's in 1KG pkg I have a problem with paying the equivalent of $43 for a 10lb sac of flour. It cost me about $10/kg.
Anybody help?

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  1. i may have gotten some at the italian centre - south side. it might have been buckwheat - not the flour, but it is worth checking.
    maybe sunterra - i have no idea, but it seems like it could fit.
    otherwise, PO is the most likely option. i find all of their flour extraordinarily expensive, but very nice, and finely milled.

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      I saw buckwheat flour at the Italian Centre south today...for some reason it was in the rice aisle. Didn't look at price.

    2. I know there is a mill in Vulcan that mills buckwheat. Here is their site, maybe call and see who carries their flour in Edmonton.


      1. did you have any luck? I was searching for some Light buckwheat flour preferably fiber free kind. please tell me if you know. Yeah the planet organic is pretty expensive.
        I checked Wal-mart, superstore, safeway, sobeys but non had it. Luck97 has buckwheat flour but its very dark with chunks of husks. But if thats what you're looking for then try that place. My best is there should be buckwheat flour in a Japanese specialty cooking store if that even exists in Edmonton.

        I found some on the internet http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gf?... . but sadly only ships to USA this other one I found which is acadian light buck wheat flour http://www.mainegoodies.com/gourmet/l... really expensive.

        1. I've seen buckwheat groats in the bulk section of our Spruce Grove Superstore. I'm wondering, if you're really stuck and/or adventurous, if you could grind that stuff down to a flour consistency in a food processor or blender and then sift it?

          1. While at Superstore yesterday, I cut down the baking aisle and noticed they had the best selection of flours I have ever seen. However, I did not stop to check for buckwheat. But it might be worth a trip -- not on the weekend though.

            1. Thx guys. In the end, I found it at Italian center. I did see that safeway had a great selection of the same manufacturer of flours but no buckwheat at a much better price than Planet Expensive. I am now in search of fiddleheads as apparently they can be found here in edm. or so I have been told.

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                If you find fiddleheads, post where you got them. I'm interested. And am looking for morels too.

                I used to get both wild when I lived in Ontario, but haven't seen them out here in a store. Had both together at Red Ox a couple of weeks ago and got me craving them. Might be past season by now though.

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                  i saw fiddleheads at billingsgate fish market a few days ago. they were $10 a pound.

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                    there are fresh morels at the Callingwood Farmers Market on sunday. the fiddlehead season is over i'm sorry to say.

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                    There used to be fiddle heads at Sobey's Urban Fresh downtown, but as far as I know the season is over! In past years I have found them at Planet Organic southside as well. I think Greens, Eggs, and Hams also sells them. If you see any left this year please reply.

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                      I picked up fiddleheads at Superstore 2 weeks ago but they were looking pretty ragged and I had to pick through them for just a small batch. I think you all might be out of luck and have to wait for next season....

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                        I saw fiddleheads at the south side Italian Centre a week ago. Try TNT.

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                          they are at planet organic right now, or sorry I should say last week they had them, really pricey....I think $11/pd.