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Feb 14, 2009 03:18 PM

New Orleans fare in Park Slope?

Now that NoNo Kitchen has shut its doors :( does anyone know of a good substitute? I miss gumbo and po'boys! And my husband can't go for much longer without jambalaya...

(Does anyone know the reason for NoNo's demise? The food was always stellar. The atmosphere needed a little work...but still, I had hoped they would be around a lot longer.)

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  1. Difficult. I have been looking for one for years, ever since Cooking with Jazz closed. I thought NoNo was not good, and I only went twice. I think we can do much much better.

    1. Stan's on Atlantic makes decent shrimp po boys, but not necessarily "authentic". that's all i can speak for.

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      1. I went to NoNo twice and thought the food was pretty bad, actually. Apparently not to the taste of the neighborhood? Sorry I can't help with an alternative.

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          yeah we didn't think much of NoNo either. Only went twice. Stan's we thought was pretty bad and only went once. Still really miss Acadia Parish, and that closed about 10 years ago I think!

        2. I can't speak to the quality, but in a desperate situation, there is always Two Boots on 2nd Street. At least they deliver....

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            Good point, and FWIW, Two Boots' Kingfish Po' Boy may not be authentic, but is crispy and tasty and still that way when delivered.

            1. re: kabny

              Stick to the po' boy and the pizza tho -- the "Cajun" food Two Boots was perpetrating at the concession stand at Celebrate Brooklyn was truly awful.

          2. Oyster po'boy on the menu at Bklyn Fish Camp...they know how to fry, they know how to make a triple awesome sandwich, and they use great bread