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Feb 14, 2009 02:50 PM

Kevin's of Red Hook

I've seen Kevin's mentioned in the Red Hook brunch thread - but to be honest i think it deserves a thread of it's own. This is really a great, great little place.

I went this morning with my GF b/c I had an itch for pancakes. I will certainly not be my last time. The size, decor, and overall "warmth" of this place immediately made me remember why I love this borough so much more than that other one across the east river. The menu, portions, quality, and price were all fantastic. I had the blackberry pancakes which were some of the best I've ever had - definitely better than anything in BoCoCa/Height/Slope. Big, fluffy yet dense, and just enough crispy texture on the outside. The side of bacon I ordered was cooked perfectly. Extra crisp but not remotely burnt. A large pot of Stumptown coffee is always a plus too. My GF had the Mediterranean salad which looked nice - humus, spinach, grilled pita, stuffed grape leaves.

Anyway - the bill came out to $21 before tip, which I thought was very reasonable given the quality of food. We took a glance at the dinner menu and decided we'd back by the end of the month.

I can't speak for dinner, but I would highly recommend checking this place out for brunch. Next time I'm either getting the Chesapeake Eggs (Eggs Benedict w/ Crabcake instead of ham) or the cornflake crusted challah french toast. Yum!

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  1. Has anyone eaten at Kevin's for dinner? I am going for dinner tomorrow with some friends and wanted to know what everyone things is good. tia!

    1. I must've been hiding under a rock. Where is this Kevin's of which you speak?


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      1. so delicious, so reasonably priced, so worth the trip!

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          Couldn't agree more. Went for brunch today and had a very good omelet. My husband had one of the best seafood stews I've tasted in a long, long time. Every piece of fish was perfect and the stock was clean and briny with a perfect hit of spice. Great. Coffee was excellent too. The pancakes looked great. Everything was priced at what I pay in my local diner/restaurant.

        2. Would also like to vouch for the amazing deliciousness of Kevin's pancakes...but the warm spinach salad w. poached egg and Eggs Chesapeake are also delicious. And all the dishes are under $10 (the pancakes are a reasonable $7). the waitress even brought out some complimentary cinnamon dusted apples with yoghurt for everyone this morning! Very friendly service too...I think it would be hard to go wrong if you want some brunch and live in carroll or red hook...and also, as mentioned...stumptown brew!