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Feb 14, 2009 02:20 PM

Birthday dinner in Brooklyn

If you could celebrate in any Brooklyn restaurant, which would it be?

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  1. Dressler in Williamsburg.

    1. Are you talking about a birthday dinner for two or a party for 10? Our goto place for birthday dinner for two is the Garden Café on Vanderbilt in Prospect Heights. 11 tables, couple run (he in the kitchen, she out front), just perfect. (I had reported in August that the restaurant was for sale on CraigsList, but fortunately that whim has past and they were still here for the birthday dinner in January).

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        I'm happy to hear about Garden Cafe. I assumed it had closed and hadn't thought to look. It's a good choice. Our b-day "go to" place is Henry's End, but we've been known to also hit River Cafe for special ones. Although the River Cafe's food isnt so special, the room just blows us away every time and the food's more than good enough to get us there once every year or two for some reason. For us, the cheer and upbeat ambiance at Henry's End, combined with the deep menu of favorite foods and wines, just hits the spot for our celebrations.

        1. re: Steve R

          "The food isn't so good at River Cafe"? I beg to differ with you. There is NO comparison between the excellent haute cuisine at River Cafe and the cooking at Henry's End. As a matter of fact just recently Henry's End has taken a very bad turn for the worse. Food portions have gotten miniscule while the cooking standards are falling on very bad times. Salt and other spices are overly abundant I suspect to hide old food being heated up from previous nights. After being a long time patron since this place opened I am now shifting to "Jack the Horse" around the corner. Henry's End is coming to an end!

          1. re: dawnfawn

            We clearly disagree. First of all if you're going to quote me, get it right... I never said that the food isnt so good at the River Cafe, I said it wasnt so special... there's a difference. The food at RC is very good but I think that it's lost it's status as a special food place in NYC with the opening of many other top notch restaurants over the years. Secondly, I've been to Henry's End very, very regularly for the last several years and have been going for 25 years overall. I see no discernable difference in the cooking or quality of ingredients or portion sizes over the past five or so years. Some of the cooks have come and gone, the menu has changed and they've taken away the (unnecessary) small complementary salad, but it's basically as good or better with the same chef/owner/manager in charge for at least the last 20 years. And, as someone who just had his own birthday celebration there this month, I'll stand by this recommendation.