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Feb 14, 2009 01:53 PM

Need recs near Fontainebleau in Miami

Seattle chowhound here. I'm going to a business meeting at the Fontainebleau in Miami and need recommendations for good restaurants within walking distance (20 to 30 minute walk) of the hotel. Looking for dinner recs for Sunday and Tuesday nights and for lunch on Monday. I like all types of food and eat everything. Recommendations for good Cuban would be especially appreciated because that is impossible to find in the Northwest. Also love seafood. Thanks!

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  1. lots of new restaurants inside Fountainebleau
    try Sazon at 7305 Collins Avenue (cuban), prob not walking dist
    El Rey Del Chivito at 6987 Collins Ave
    Moises Bakery at 7310 Collins Avenue
    Indomania is very close (131 26th St), walking distance
    also can consider Creek 28 (2727 Indian Creek Drive)
    and Talula little farther south for a foodie place

    1. The 71st Street area (including several of the places ankimo mentions) is about 3 miles north of the Fontainebleau. If that's your idea of walking distance, here's a link to a google map I've made with several options around there ->

      Talula is my favorite restaurant on Miami Beach, about 20 blocks south. Also in that area is Indomania (around 26th & Collins), a good Dutch-Indonesian place. Doh - both are already mentioned.

      Closer walking distance is the 41st Street (a/k/a Arthur Godfrey Road) area which is just a few blocks south of the Fontainebleau. For over-the-top luxe steakhouse there's the Forge. There's decent Israeli food at Pita Hut. Arnie & Richie's (now known as Roasters & Toasters, I think) does decent Jewish deli. There are a number of kosher places (Rare, a kosher steakhouse; a sushi place; a pizza place ...) that I've not tried, though I heard Rare was good. I'm not aware of any Cuban restaurants in this neighborhood. There's a Chinese restaurant along here that is mediocre.

      Of course, there's some very good eats in the Fontainebleau itself. I thought Scarpetta was excellent, and that Blade showed some promise. My comments on each of them below ->

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        Thanks for posting, Fordnesor and Ankimo. I ended up having a little less time than I though due to work commitments and travel delays so I stayed close to the hotel. I tried Blade the night I arrived and your review was spot on. There are definitely some issues with slow service there and the cocktails are really expensive, but the fish was spectacularly fresh. The yellow fin sashimi was particularly outstanding. Strangely, that seems to be true of the entire hotel - the wait staff seems somewhat anxious and inexperienced but the hotel catered food at my meeting was far above average for that kind of venue. I also walked down the boardwalk to Indomania and had a nice meal there.

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          We ate at the sushi bar at Blade and I found the sushi chefs perfectly charming, but generally I agree with you on the peculiarity of the service at the Fontainebleau. The Blue Bar is positively bizarre. We've been a couple times and the bartenders invariably are preoccupied with something else, seem to want nothing other than to go off their shift, and present a bill before you've even taken two sips of your drink. We had the same experience two different times with different bartenders.

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