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Good new Thai in Lakewood/East Dallas

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We've found a good Thai restaurant that's closer than Royal Thai and a lot less crowded. The name is Ginger Thai and it's next to the Lover's Pizza at the Lakewood shopping center. I don't know the exact name, but it's near Mockingbird and Abrams where Dee's Doggie Den, Albertsons and IHOP are located. Currently they only have a banner for a sign, so it may be difficult to locate.

My wife and I have been twice and really like it. Their menu and dining area isn't as big as Royal Thai (our best choice for Thai) but the food and prices are comparable.

On our first we visit, we shared the papaya salad and the red curry with chicken. The prices were $6.95 and $8.95, respectively. The papaya salad was bright and crisp with just the right amount of tart and spice. The portion was larger than we expected, as well.

The red curry was as good as any other I've had.

On our second visit, we strayed from the safe, typical choices. We ordered the calamari (6.95), hot and sour tom yum soup ($7.95) and the roast duck ($11.95).

Although the portion of calamari was smaller than I expected, the taste was really good. It wasn't greasy at all. The pieces were consistent cuts -- not a mix of tentacles, rings and chunks. The batter was mixed with pepper and spices and it was served with a thin, sweet and sour sauce with cucumber pieces. It was an exceptional appetizer.

My wife had a cold so she ordered the soup. The ingredients were fresh and the spice was just right. I prefer the coconut soup over the tomato broth of the tom yum, but the overall flavor was very nice.

The duck was very good as well. It was sliced and served with mixed vegetables. There was just enough broth to unite the flavors of the duck and vegetables. The duck had a few small bone pieces, but the flavor was rich and smoky, so I didn't mind.

The service was good but there were only 3 other tables during each visit.

We're happy we found an alternative to Royal Thai.

This is my first post after being a long-time reader. Hopefully some of you will enjoy it as much as we have.


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  1. Thanks for the post. We tried Ginger last night and were very pleased - we'll be back. They're a little shy with the spices (I ordered the spicy fish, and while it was excellent, it could have used more heat). The food was uniformly good, from apps through dessert, the service was friendly, and we love BYOB places. This is just the sort of place Lakewood/East Dallas needs. Please give these guys your support, they deserve it.