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Feb 14, 2009 01:43 PM

Grill Room, Portland ME - yum-o

Just ate at the grill room. About on par with what you'd find in any domestic airline terminal. Is this what passes for good food in Portland? Honesty, I'm curious, are there people who actually like this restaurant? Am I missing something? I've eaten better pizza at gas stations, had friendlier service at the DMV, and felt less ripped off buying coffee at Starbucks. Come on.

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  1. This review reeks of sour grapes by either a former employee or an ex boyfriend/girlfriend of someone who works here.

    The Grill Room has had some inconsistency but does have some standout dishes. The fried oyster app is to die for with sauteed spinach, apple and bacon with a Tabasco honey sauce. Simple grilled meats have been very good. I do wish the meats were a specific weight as opposed to just being described as a certain thickness and my porterhouse was really only a T-bone. Have had excellent scallops too.

    I have heard issues of slow service but sit back, relax and have another drink from the best bartender in Portland...Good accessible wine list too

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    1. re: Noreaster

      Thanks for re-opening after the rant. I've eaten at the Grill Room several times, including a week or so ago, and agree that the place is well worth the trip. On your apps recs, I'd add the mushroom toast, which is practically a meal, and on my last trip, I had excellent calamari. Service was excellent, wines by the glass and/or carafe reasonably priced, and where else can you get a duck pizza with queso fresco????

      1. re: mainemal

        Love the Grill Room, probably my go to place if I have a night out. Great scene and vibe, great drinks, I think the food is very good, meats have always been tasty, desserts are good. Slow service would be the only complaint I could come up with. Can't wait for the Corner Room to open up.

      2. re: Noreaster

        Noreaster, I have no connection with the GR other than having eaten there once. As I said, I found the food the be awful, but worse than that was the fact the staff acted as though I were lucky to be eating there. I do question the background of some posters though. Anyone who claims to enjoy the GR's pizza surely never paid for one. And your fondness for the bartender and some alleged scallop dish seems a bit suspect too.

        1. re: cheeseburgler

          Actually, saying that the bartender, I assume Noreaster means John Myers, is the best bartender in Portland is an understatement and not suspect in the least. He is considered one of the best 3-4 in the state, and a top mixologist in the whole country.