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Feb 14, 2009 12:59 PM

Good Food Box or CSA in Hamilton/Dundas Area

I recently moved out to Hamilton for graduate school and am having trouble finding a program similar to the Good Food Box program ( or a CSA to join. I'm hoping that someone can recommend a food share program in Hamilton or in the Dundas area.


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  1. You might want to contact ManoRun Organic Farm: They have a CSA program.

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    1. re: Tatai

      Thanks for the reply. I was also looking at plan b organic farms. Any difference in produce?

      1. re: Euni

        Sorry, Euni, I can't help you out there. I have seen Plan B's produce at Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market in Toronto, and it looks really good. Haven't had a chance to see ManoRun's produce, but I do know that they supply the Ancaster Old Mill, so I'm sure it's of really good quality, too.

        I guess it probably comes down to price and whichever CSA program's delivery methods/depots are more convenient for you.

        1. re: Tatai

          I got a couple boxes from Plan B organics. Really great people and the produce was nice. I stopped only because I ended up with too much lettuce and found I couldn't go through the produce since I was only cooking for myself at the time.

          1. re: thora

            Thanks for the recommendation. I put in an order for the plan b and now am scheming for a McMaster CSA depot. I just need more people.

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      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. As a fellow Hamiltonian interested in participating, please let me know how it's going. Thanks.

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          1. re: jude1m

            Likewise - I"m in Hamilton also and have been looking for something like this for a while - the Good Food Box was the one I was looking at the most.

            1. re: MerBot

              I'm in Waterdown (just outside of Hamitlon), and also interested. While I prefer organic foods, what's most important to me is local grown food, I don't mind top-ups from local non-organic farmers and I haven't found a CSA with the same priorities.