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Feb 14, 2009 11:50 AM

Comfort Food for Valentine's?

My original plans for dinner tonight had been the caramelized shrimp from Lynn Rosetto Kasper's book (fabulous!), with other stuff to make the "all pink and red" meal my daughter requested.

Now, however, that daughter and my husband both have head colds. They want chicken noodle soup, or something like that. I said they could open a couple of cans and I could take myself out for a fabulous dinner somewhere, but they didn't go for that :)

So, any ideas? I think I'm still going to make the panna cotta with strawberry sauce I had planned, but am at a bit of a loss otherwise (though also thought of bucconi dolce).

Extra points for pink or red.

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  1. I like my vodka sauce over angle hair with scallops, grape tomatoes, red peppers and Red and white.

    I also make a white wine sauce with cream tossed over linquini (pink) with fresh spinach.

    I make a bloddy mary steak, steak marinated in bloddy mary mix served with a blue cheese sauce, red and white.

    FYI, ever dye pasta ... I have just with food coloring. Pretty cool. Did it for a wedding. Make pink pasta with grilled scallops in a lemon butter or in a cream sauce. Pink and white ... It doesn't change the flavor.

    1. There's only one thing I ever want when I'm sick ... grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup ... it's what my mother used to make for me when i was sick as a kid and it's the only thing that's makes me feel better when i'm sick these days. These days I make the soup from scratch with fresh tomatoes and basil ... and I gussie up the grilled cheese with different cheeses but the comfort level is still high.

      My suggestion: Save the special meal for another night ... Go with grilled cheese sandwiches cut into heart shapes served alongside tomato soup. The flavors should work just fine with your panna cotta and your family will feel all warm and loved. (plus it'll only take you a few minutes to throw together!) ...

      Anyway, good luck ... hope everyone feels better!

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      1. re: gritsandtruffles

        MMM fabulous tomato soup does sound good (and I agree-the combo is classic comfort food-all you need is 7-Up to round it out!). I have lots of frozen tomatoes, incl some roasted with basil, from last summer, so I could make a great soup that I could also enjoy :) and go from there.

        Love the idea of dying pasta, too! Pink would be gorgeous.

        I'd better get rolling if I'm going to get the panna cotta made.....

        1. re: girlwonder88

          So, final menu (and it was perfect):
          -a potato salad made from this recipe with this dressing:
          (They were sampling it at our local grocery store-it really was fabulous and the kids loved it, too
          )-marinated chevre with arugula on whole grain bread
          -Lynn Rosetto Kasper's Southern France tomato soup-this was great, very flavorful and a nice contrast to the the rich dessert, which was
          -LRK's farmhouse panna cotta with raspberries. Insanely easy, good, and very rich.

          Kids loved all of this, including my 11 year old's friend who was visiting, and our 2 year old.

          Thanks for all the help!

      2. My husband just doesn't like "fancy" foods, so I"m making him a potato burger (grated raw potato mixed w/ ground round) and sweet potato fries.

        1. We both did an extraordinary amount of cooking this week so not wanting to be in a crowded restaurant we are ordering pizza to be delivered. I've got some most excellent wine truffles from Torn Ranch for dessert.