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Feb 14, 2009 11:22 AM


Just bought tamales from the tamale lady on 2nd ave. south of 12 st (in front of cacio e pepi) at 3:20 PM.
Her next stop is 12th and 1st ave., I think at Luzzo's pizzeria.
She has cheese, chicken with mole, and chicken with green sauce tamales. She also has tortas.

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  1. This must be the same woman who trawls the Union square Greenmarket early on Saturdays..

    Are they great? (the tamales?)

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    1. re: erica

      They are the best $1 tamales I've ever eaten in New York City!
      Sometimes they are a little dry, and the filling is modest, but I love bumping into her for some delicious, cheap street food that's the real deal.

      1. re: erica

        they are great!!all of them--the spicy chicken-not spicy chicken and the cheese!!delicioso