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Feb 14, 2009 11:17 AM

Need suggestions for new cooking club

Six women in southern Baja have decided to form a new cooking club. We will meet every other month - two will prepare the main, two the first course and two the desert. My friend and I are on tap for the first meeting which means preparing the main event. Two members do not eat red meat but that's not our first choice anyway as the meat here isn't great. At this time of year we can get beautiful organic produce but nothing very exotic. Fish is abundant as are camarones and scallops. The type of fish we generally get is sea bass, yellow tail and dorado. Any and all suggestions appreciated. We are fairly accomplished cooks but are somewhat limited by availability of ingredients - i.e. no Trader Joe's, Whole Foods anywhere nearby.

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  1. Yellowtail for me by far I see an Asian idea served over some fresh greens with an asian inspired sauce and a fresh salsa. Maybe some thin fried zucchini and summer squash, thin sliced potatoes and onion rings. Very thin strips and rings fried with a little red chili pepper, and not to out do the tuna which is the star

    1. The availability of scallops leads me to offer this:
      recipe, authored by the U.S. Senator from Alaska.