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Feb 14, 2009 10:38 AM

Weekend in Vancouver...

So in early march my mom and I are spending a weekend in Vancouver. We jet in Friday around 4:30pm and then leave around 7 AM Monday morning. We are staying in the southern downtown area, but of course we have cabs and public transport at our disposal.

I'm looking for some suggestions for dinner, Friday-Saturday-Sunday night. Were open to pretty much any cuisine. Maybe some of you could make some suggestions for Indian and Chinese restaurants? I've heard Lumiere under went some changes, is it still a super star?

Keep in mind I'm only 18, so there will be no drinking on my part unfortunately. That rules out bars, night clubs, pubs, etc. Thanks everyone.

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  1. I lived in Van for a few years. Here are my suggestions: Bishop's, can be hard to get dinner reservations at times. But lunch is just as good and you can usually get in.
    2183 West 4th Avenue
    Vancouver BC Canada V6K 1N7
    604 738 2025

    Vij's is the best Indian restaurant that I've eaten at this side of India or the UK. They only serve dinner and they take NO reservations. They have a second place called Vij's Rangoli next door. There they sell frozen food from the restaurant and cookbook menu. They are also a casual place for lunch and dinner. Same kitchen as the original Vij's.

    1480 West 11th Ave
    Vancouver, BC

    Vij's Rangoli
    1488 West 11th Avenue

    Vancouver, BC V6H 1L1

    phone (604) 736-5711

    fax (604) 736-3701

    My favorite place is Fish Cafe run and owned by Marcus Stiller from South Africa. Fantastic fresh fish and seafood is on the blackboard menu. Just what he can get fresh that day. Not expensive. You rub elbows with bankers and doctors as well as families. Two locations.

    1629 Yew Street
    Vancouver, BC
    Tel: 604 734-3474

    and the original and best IMHO:
    Fish Café
    2053 West 41st Ave
    Vancouver, BC V6M 1Y7
    Phone: (604) 267-3474

    1. I'd add a couple of Japanese places: Guu w Garlic, Hapa, Kingyo, Zakkushi (and a few others) for izakaya.

      For Chinese downtown - Kirin, Shanghai Chinese Bistro...if you are willing to cab it, Peaceful Restaurant is a board favourite.

      Lumiere is now being run by Daniel Boulud's people...I have heard good things, but I have not been (not sure if I will). Try Market at the Shangri-La (Jean-George Vongrichten's new place). The menu looks unbelievably affordable.


      1. Japadog is at burrard and pender. they have the best hot dog in town and frequently have a line of 20 people waiting for their turn to order then line up again in the "waiting for food" line. if u like japanese flavors and looking for something cheap and tasty then u have to try them once. order one of their japanese dogs though because they're normal dogs aren't special. dont forget the wasabi mayo.

        Guu at robson and thurlow is awesome. it's an izakaya place and it's pretty loud. great food, friendly chefs, relaxed atmosphere. i dont like the service from the waitresses though, i always order from the chef standing in the middle.

        if u go to richmond then you'll find the real china town of bc. dont really know many of the restaurants cuz my chinese food comes from my kitchen, sorry. sun sui wah is close to three road and alexandria and that's where i go for dim sum but i haven't been there except for dim sum. there's a restaurant named no.9 in the landsdown shopping mall that's open 24 hours but i wouldn't go there unless everything else is closed.

        parker place has the best chinese food court and yaohan has the best congi from a foodcourt. they're both in richmond.

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          I also enjoy Wild Rice on Pender. A martini type of place with good food.