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Feb 14, 2009 10:28 AM

Thai Lotus - Columbia, SC - what's the deal?

Help! We have been faithful patrons of Thai Lotus for several years. Love the lunch buffet, and often go in the evenings or get take out. Last night was the worst. We called in an order, and when we arrived to pick it up, we saw a handwritten sign on the door that said "investor needed" - I thought "uh oh". When we got home, we were very disappointed in our food. The soup had about one fourth of the amount of ingredients it usually has, although it tasted good. Our entree had shrunk from the usual size to a smaller take out container. That was bad enough, but we ordered one of our favorites (which is always good) - Basil Chicken - and it was terrible. First off, there was no curry or sauce like there usually is - no taste whatsover - it might as well have been a plain chicken stir fry with A LOT more veggies than chicken. But the absolute worst was that there was no thai basil to be found in the dish (there is usually plenty) - it had been replaced with a bunch of dried regular basil that made the dish taste even worse - honestly, I could not eat mine and my husband was pretty disgusted too. Dried regular basil? Come on! And way too much of it too!

We also went recently on a Monday at lunch to find no lunch buffet. We left.

What is going on?

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