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Feb 14, 2009 09:45 AM

bludso's bbq in compton

anyone been recently and have a link to their menu?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Here's the menu

      I went a week or two backand thought it was okay. Actually, I went on the day of the super bowl which was probably a mistake(don't watch the thing so I had totally forgotten what day I was going!) because they were crazy busy. I didn't mind the wait and they were super nice. I got the 3 meat combo with beef rib, brisket, chicken. Brisket and chicken were awesome but the rib was really tough, like they ran out and quickly grilled some not too long ago. Funnily the rib was the one with the most overtly smokey flavor, a little offputting actually. The sauce I got was "hot" which was not too hot; I personally don't mind bbq sauce on the sweet side but even their hot version got cloying for me after a little while. I prefer Jay Bee's sauce, but Bludso's brisket. Certainly, I'll have to give Bludso's another try some other not-super-bowly day. Hope that gives some insight.

      1. I've been twice in the last month or so, and both times have been excellent. I get their Texas sampler with the beef ribs thrown in ($2 extra) and an extra 1/2 lb. of rib tips on the side to snack on on the way home. The Texas sampler has every meat on their menu, probably about 10 pounds of meat. I bring it home, and my sister and I munch on it all weekend.

        Their brisket is some of the best out there. I usually don't like BBQ brisket, but after Bludso's I realized that I just never had a properly done one. The pork and beef ribs have both been great, but for me, the standout is the rib tips. If you love the crunchy cartilage parts like I do, then you'll be a happy man. The first time I had their sausage, I didn't think much of it, but on my second visit, both types of sausage were excellent. And I like a sweeter sauce, so their sauce is just fine for me.

        The wait for your food can be long, even if it doesn't look crowded, so be sure to call ahead and place your order. It's definitely worth the 30 minute drive for me! Have fun! :)

        1. I've become a big fan of Bludso's and have been there now on two occasions. I have been to many of the 'Q places in LA and I think Bludso's is the best. The whole reason for going there is their brisket, which is truly done Texas style, and it is divine. Get the large sampler platter. For $25 it's a steal and you'll have more food than three hungry people can finish. Really a worthwhile trip.

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          1. re: EarlyBird

            I agree that Bludso's brisket is excellent, but I wouldn't call it "Texas style," despite the fact that the owner is apparently from the Lone Star State. In my dozen years or so living all over Texas -- from El Paso to Brownsville to Austin -- I never had a piece of brisket sliced that thin or covered with so much sauce, which I always request on the side at Bludso's. Their beef reminds me much more of the Kansas City approach (Arthur Bryant's, e.g.), and it's very, very good. Nice lady behind the counter, by the way.

            1. re: sbritchky

              That's a fair point, Sbritchy, and I concur now that I think of it. Bludso's is probably too wet to be Texas style. I have made a pilgrimage to Arthur Bryant's in KC and Bludso's is more like theirs than true "Texas."

              Outstanding Q though.

          2. I just got home from Bludso's. I ordered 2 rib sandwiches with the hot sauce. The people behind the counter were very friendly and we talked BBQ for a few minutes.

            I brought the ribs home to give them an honest taste. I shared with Mrs. Mista, my Mother-in-law and my father-in-law. We all said the same thing. You can't taste the meat.

            The ribs were very tender in spite of not having the membrane removed. The sauce was excellent. We were all sopping it up with the white bread. But the meat didn't have any flavor of its own, even when you wiped the sauce off.

            The sauce is some of he best I've tasted and I have been eating food from competitiors on the BBQ circuit since 2004. And it is certainly some of the best that I have tasted in L.A.

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            1. re: bigmista

              Bigmista: anyone who knows about the membrane on spareribs, should know enough to never ever order takeout (or any bbq) with the sauce on the product. by the time you get home, that is all you will taste.
              IMHO, ribs should be eaten with only a modicum of sauce. The sauce should not be given the opportunity to overpower the Q. I have been to Bludso's (coming from WLA) six times in the last four weeks. They are currently first on my list for the LA area for overall meats. Brisket they are my #1, ties for first for rib tips (with Phillips).
              I keep going down for weekday lunches, so I have yet to try their beef ribs or banana pudding.
              And what has been great , it that they have been consistent in their quality.

              1. re: dyippie

                I liked Bludso's too, and had them as my #2 (weren't quite able to unseat Phillips - I like their brisket better) until I tried BigMista's BBQ. BigMista's easily took #1. If you haven't been, I highly recommend it.

                I liked Bludso's sauce too, so that's why I didn't mind that they drowned the meat in it. I did wish it had a little more heat to it, but I like real spicy.

                PS - BigMista, do you have a hot sauce? I don't remember getting an option...

                1. re: mdpilam

                  I only have one sauce that I serve. Bigmista's Secret Sauce. It's the same sauce I use in competition except it's a little spicier (darned wimpy judges). I do have a recipe for a hot sauce but I don't make it much any more because I have such a wide range of tastes to satisfy.

                  But this is about Bludso's and I do like their hot sauce.

                  1. re: mdpilam

                    I just finished brisket and beef ribs from Bludso's and their hot sauce is damn good. I have to say I didn't find the sauce overwhelming & I could definitely still taste the meat...of course I'm from Kansas City so I love sauce.

                    Both the brisket and the ribs were super tender (I'm really finicky about ribs) and the greens and baked beans were great. I've been living in San Francisco for years and I always missed the BBQ but Bludso's reminds me of home.

                    I def. need to try BigMista's but I know I'll be frequenting Bludso's. It didn't hurt that everyone who works there was incredibly friendly.

                  2. re: dyippie

                    I've asked for and gotten anything on their menu that states "weekends only" on Fridays. Next time ask for them, and maybe you'll get beef ribs on a Friday!

                  3. re: bigmista

                    I don't know bar-b-que as well as you do certainly, but I do know that good bar-b-q does not need any sauce. So why you didn't order the sauce on the side is beyond me. There is only two places that I go when I want the best bar-b-que and that would be Bludso's on Long Beach Blvd, in Compton, and Old Fashioned Full Flava on Western in Los Angeles. Bludso's ribs are much more juicier than Full Flava, but Full Flava has Bar-B-Que turkey necks that I will literally cry over if they run out.

                    I haven't had the opportunity to try Mistabig's bar-b-q yet and as a local farmer's market vendor myself I am sure I will have some very soon, but next time order the sauce on the side then you can surely taste the flavor of Bludso's ribs.

                    1. re: The Real Cake Baker

                      The rib tips at Bludso's have more flavor than the actual ribs.

                      Although Bludso's is good, the smokiness of the ribs didn't come through as much as I liked them to be.

                      The sausage and the rib tips are by far the best things there though.

                      1. re: The Real Cake Baker

                        I met Kevin Bludso in Restaurant Depot a couple of days ago (I guess BBQ guys are just drawn together) and I really enjoyed talking to him. We both agreed that everyone can have an off day and it's possible that's what happened. He wasn't in when I went the first time so I am going to go there again today while I am out and about.

                        Hopefully we can sit out ack and shoot the breeze by the smokers for a while.

                        1. re: bigmista

                          I went back Bludso's the other day and had some ribs, brisket and links. What a difference a day makes. The ribs were very well seasoned and smoky and I really enjoyed the beef links. Great stuff.

                          Los Angeles is slowly becoming a destination for BBQ.