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Feb 14, 2009 09:27 AM

looking for culver city gem (no res/no vday extras)

We're heading to the Getty soon and then want to venture around Culver City later this afternoon. We'll likely hit Bottle Rocket for a glass of wine and then would like to go to a lively restaurant with good food where you can sit at the bar / lounge area and still have a good dining experience. I thought it was Fraiche but they're a bit uppity on the phone today...vday stress is getting in the way of being polite to their customers on the phone. Any other suggestions?

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  1. No, it is not V-day stress; the front of the house at Fraiche has been noted for attitude, indeed arrogance, since they opened. The food at Fraiche is quite good, the place is justifiably popular and successful -- it would be even better if the staff didn't throw it in your face so regularly.

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      To me the food at Fraiche is not that fresh. I've had a few bad exp there i don't recommend it. There is a sushi place in culver city K-Zo that is supposed to be good. There is also a new burger place that just opened up called Umami Burger opened by the guy that own bottle Rock just opened yesterday i think If you try it let us know if it's any good.

    2. Fraiche and Rush Street will probably be packed. You might be able to sit outside at Akasha which is usually walk-in only but honestly I've been underwhelmed there recently. I'm not a fan of the other downtown spots (Ford's, Gynerari, etc)

      Your best bets are probably up the block at Wilson or Brunello Trattoria (sp?). Brunello gets good marks on this board for the food but their ambience to me is very un V-day.

      1. Unless The Restaurant at the Getty is full, why not eat there? It's scores high on food, atmosphere, view, and service.