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Feb 14, 2009 08:20 AM

Ogunquit in Winter

I'm headed to Ogunquit on Monday, and I'd like to find a few nice places to eat. Most have restricted winter hours, and Monday and Tuesday meals will be tough since most places are closed both days (Jonathan's, Bintliffs, Beachhouse Grill - all closed). Can anyone make a few recommendations? I'll even drive a little to find a nice place. Did I mention that Monday is my husband's birthday?

I know there is an Ogunquit thread, but several restaurants mentioned are seasonal and/or closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Help!

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  1. MC Perkins Cove is open- beautiful view, great food, nice service. Anneke Jans in Kittery is another excellent choice-you can make a reservation on open table. However, not sure if they are closed on Monday. Roberts Maine Grill in Kittery near the shoppng centers is very good although touristy. I would check with all places to see if they are open on Monday/ Tuesday but they are open in off season.

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      This might do the trick. Reservations recommended. Very close to Ogunquit and open Monday and Tuesday.

    2. I would have to agree with the Joshua recommendation, especially for a nice birthday dinner. MC's in Perkins Cove is a restaurant that I have frequented on many occasions, however, I find the food to be inconsistent. It is true that it is a beautiful restaurant, and the views are spectacular, but I often found the bar menu to be better than the dining room menu. Even with that consideration, I found it to be inconsistent. As an example, my last order for fish cooked in parchment arrived without the fish in the parchment. I had to show our waiter and waited for another meal to arrive.

      I also like Anneke Jans in Kittery a great deal and that, too, would be an excellent choice.
      Good Luck and enjoy your dinner.

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        You can order from the bar menu at MC even if you are sitting in the dining room. But you have to ask. The fish in parchment is probably the only thing on the menu that I dislike.
        Kobe beef burger, fish tacos, fish and chips all excellent and consistent.

      2. There are a few places in Ogunquit and Wells that are open year round or at least almost year round, There is a nice place called Varano's on Mile Rd. in wells,( An Italian restaurant, very nice my wife and I have eaten there a few times in the past. The Old Village Inn, in downtown Ogunquit ( There is a steak place also located on Mile Rd. in Wells ( I believe that both of these are open thru the winter season. Check the web sites , I'M sure the hours and dates are listed. If not the phone numbers are available on there web sites.. Good luck, and I hope this helps you a little Earle Ct.

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          Thank you everyone. I feel like I have choices now :)

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            I would have to agree with the above suggestions, with one exception. Robert's is strictly a tourist trap, serving mediocre food, and much of the seafood is previously frozen. To be avoided.

        2. Joshua's may be open. I crave their haddock and rissotto!

          1. Is On the Marsh in K-port open full time this time of year?