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ISO the best Sunday night dinner option (Richmond, VA)

nwdchound Feb 14, 2009 07:57 AM

Any chance someone can steer me in the right direction for one of Richmond's better options for a Sunday night dinner? I'm fearing the worst after seeing so little come up on Chowhound after searching under "Richmond."

Requirements: great value. can be moderately or higher priced. but, very good quality food as much as possible. Type of food less important but, to not boil the ocean, maybe something that's either mediterranean (italian, french, spanish), "new american" (the tougher to categorize but I think most know what I mean--uses local/good ingredients to create delicious food that defies easy labeling) or asian (I'm a bit more skeptical there'd be great asian in richmond so maybe Euro or American will be better options? I defer to those that know the town!). finally, it has to be a place conducive to quite discussion.

Thank you for any help you can offer!

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  1. MMRuth RE: nwdchound Feb 14, 2009 08:09 AM

    I really enjoyed my meal in December at Millie's Diner (it's not a diner) during a visit to Richmond. Try doing a search for title:Richmond on the South board. Comfort is also good.

    1. f
      FarmerC RE: nwdchound Feb 14, 2009 05:44 PM

      If you like Cuban food try Kuba Kuba on Park Ave. They're open for dinner on Sundays. It's a small neighborhood place, nothing fancy, but good Cuban food.
      If you like Cuban, want a little more upscale and bigger menu, and can go on a Tues - Sat night try Havana '59. Big portions, great Cuban food, both traditional and some more inventive Cuban-inspired creations.

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      1. re: FarmerC
        NXS RE: FarmerC Feb 15, 2009 08:04 AM

        Definitely Millie's!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. re: NXS
          AMFM RE: NXS Feb 15, 2009 08:54 AM

          i love comfort, sensi, lulu's, acacia.
          unfortunately ONLY lulu's of that bunch is open on sundays and they're only open for brunch 10-3.

          patina grill is pretty good and it's open but it's away from town in short pump.
          had a nice meal at TJ's at the jefferson hotel (beautiful spot) recently and they're open.
          sundays are hard in this town! even all our favorite divey places are closed.

          1. re: AMFM
            AMFM RE: AMFM Feb 15, 2009 08:57 AM

            oh another one - also more out in the west end. dd33 asian bistro looks to be open sundays and i've had some great meals there.
            pricey though.
            the others i listed as open both have websites that you can google too.

            1. re: AMFM
              NXS RE: AMFM Feb 15, 2009 01:24 PM

              The dd33 website says open M-Sat???

              1. re: NXS
                AMFM RE: NXS Feb 15, 2009 01:47 PM

                oh sorry. where? i didn't see that. i saw an "all nights" thing. bummer.

                oh - at the bottom. totally missed it.

      2. j
        Janet from Richmond RE: nwdchound Feb 16, 2009 03:56 AM

        For Sunday night dinner our two regular places are Millie's Diner and Edo's Squid. Comfort is not open on Sunday evenings. Edo's takes reservations...Millie's does not but on Sunday evenings that generally isn't an issue.

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        1. re: Janet from Richmond
          hopkid RE: Janet from Richmond Feb 16, 2009 10:03 AM

          Can Can Brasserie and The Black Sheep are also open on Sundays although the latter is only open until 8pm.

          1. re: hopkid
            Janet from Richmond RE: hopkid Feb 16, 2009 10:07 AM

            And CanCan has a Sunday night burger special....yum. Black Sheep is a good idea also (for an early dinner).

          2. re: Janet from Richmond
            ImpoliticEye RE: Janet from Richmond Feb 17, 2009 07:05 AM

            Cafe Rustica is also open and has a Sunday night special. For Asian, Mekong is always a strong contender, and they're open on Sundays.

            I'd second the votes for both Edo's and Millie's. And Can Can is a definite favorite.

            Mezzanine is a recent entrant, and they're open on Sundays too.

            1. re: ImpoliticEye
              Janet from Richmond RE: ImpoliticEye Feb 17, 2009 10:40 AM

              Cafe Rustica is very good....I am not as enamored (okay not enamored at all...hehehe) with Mezzanine as many are and believe it is highly overrated (much like Dogwood Grill and Frog and the Redneck were back in the day).

              1. re: Janet from Richmond
                ImpoliticEye RE: Janet from Richmond Mar 6, 2009 12:57 PM

                Finally went to Mezzanine last night and had a very underwhelming experience. At every step, it seemed like the meal could have been so much better with a little more attention from the kitchen. The review is on my blog.

                1. re: ImpoliticEye
                  Janet from Richmond RE: ImpoliticEye Mar 7, 2009 09:06 AM

                  Glad to see someone agrees with me! I will check out your blog...I have a Richmond Food Blog also.

            2. re: Janet from Richmond
              pollychowing RE: Janet from Richmond Mar 9, 2009 08:58 PM

              Janet, would like to see your blog?

              1. re: pollychowing
                Janet from Richmond RE: pollychowing Mar 10, 2009 05:19 AM


            3. p
              princsoreo RE: nwdchound Feb 17, 2009 07:04 AM

              Another spot open on Sundays is Si Tapas: http://www.sitapas.com/richmond/. The food is tapas style but pretty good. It can get noisy on Fridays and Saturdays, but I think you'd be good on Sunday.

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              1. re: princsoreo
                hopkid RE: princsoreo Feb 17, 2009 08:27 AM

                Wow, good to know that Si Tapas is open on Sundays!

                1. re: princsoreo
                  Janet from Richmond RE: princsoreo Feb 17, 2009 10:41 AM

                  We had an odd experience (don't know how else to describe it <g>) when we went to Si....tapas (tapases? <g>) we're paced well and were either very good or not good at all. The black rice is a "must get". I think our experience suffered from inadequated service (which can really affect the tapas experience). This was a while back though and the kinks may have been worked out.

                  1. re: Janet from Richmond
                    ImpoliticEye RE: Janet from Richmond Feb 17, 2009 05:56 PM

                    My feeling on Si is that it is over-priced for what I want tapas to be. Tapas should be fun and tons of small plates that leave you happily sated. Unfortunately I walked out of Si feeling like I had paid a lot of money for a very small amount of food.

                    And, yes, the reserve Tempranillo we had was great, but $50 great, I'm not sure...

                    1. re: ImpoliticEye
                      princsoreo RE: ImpoliticEye Feb 18, 2009 06:34 AM

                      I like that they allow you to make your own wine flights. And, I think you've just got to be careful with what you order. Make sure to complement some of the meat dishes that are smaller with larger items like the chickpea fries.

                      1. re: princsoreo
                        VaPaula RE: princsoreo Feb 19, 2009 04:01 PM

                        We had a great experience at Si. We went early - Friday after work. I thought everything we ordered was delicious, and a perfect amount of food. Service was good, too. I didn't find it overpriced - not that it was a bargain, either. Good to know they're open on Sunday. We have a hard time finding Sunday lunch sometimes in these parts...

                2. VAfoodie RE: nwdchound Mar 7, 2009 09:27 AM

                  My Richmond picks:
                  1) Lulu's--owned by Millie's people; cheaper than Millie's--great nouveau southern food; I think Comfort pales in comparison to Lulus or Millie's.
                  2) Millie's--always inventive and funky
                  3) Bacchus--roasted sirloin is some of the best meat I've ever had

                  Haven't been to Havana 59 since it reopened but both Havana and Kuba Kuba have fun atmosphere and very good food.
                  Last I knew you could not make a reservation at Edo Squid or Mama Zu's and could end up waiting a ridiculously long time for average and oversalted pasta dishes.

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                  1. re: VAfoodie
                    Janet from Richmond RE: VAfoodie Mar 9, 2009 04:56 AM

                    Edo's Squid happily takes reservations...even for a party of 2.

                    1. re: Janet from Richmond
                      AMFM RE: Janet from Richmond Mar 9, 2009 11:10 AM

                      i have to say i finally ate at edo's last week. it was good but not worth all the hype imho. bummer. :(

                      1. re: AMFM
                        Janet from Richmond RE: AMFM Mar 10, 2009 05:19 AM

                        What did you have?

                        1. re: Janet from Richmond
                          AMFM RE: Janet from Richmond Mar 10, 2009 08:12 AM

                          we had: fried skate wing (awesome), squid with lemon, garlic, & arugula (good garlicky sauce but seriously chewy), i had eggplant parm (good but not the best i've had at all), friend had gorgonzola pasta (i tried and didn't like and i love the ingredients), hubby had shrimp fra diavolo (which he said was just ok - i didn't try). other's i didn't try or hear about. i know i was supposed to try the rockfish but plain fish - when i had just had fish because of the friday lent thing at stronghill just wasn't singing to me. the canoli was good (i love them) and hubby's espresso gelati was great. i'd go back. it was good. but admittedly to their disservice i had super high expectations.

                          oh and i've been enjoying your blog now that i've found it. and was especially glad to find the west end tags and read that you do tuckahoe seafood. it's close to me and i knew nothing about it. great to hear!

                          1. re: AMFM
                            Janet from Richmond RE: AMFM Mar 10, 2009 08:20 AM

                            Our go-to meals at Edo's are the veal marsala and the spaghetti carbonara...sorry you were disappointed, but I know how that goes..btdt <g>.
                            I grew up in the West End (went to Tucker, my Mom worked at Regency) and still am very fond of it, especially the older portions. And since I live off 288, it is now pretty convenient. One place I am wanting to go to is Italian Kitchen West on Broad Street just west of Hungary Spring. As a child we went there every Friday night for dinner and loved it and I'm afraid if I go back and it disappoints I will be devistated...LOL

                            Thanks for reading my little blog....it helps keep me out of trouble.

                    2. re: VAfoodie
                      hopkid RE: VAfoodie Mar 9, 2009 08:33 AM

                      Keep in mind that Kuba Kuba is only open until 8pm on Sundays. Also, neither Mamma Zu or Havana 59 are open on Sundays.

                    3. s
                      slcraft RE: nwdchound Nov 14, 2010 11:09 AM

                      Please note that of many restaurants mentioned, only Millies is open for dinner on Sunday (Comfort and Lu' Lu's are not open) Balliceaux is a relatively new entry and is open on Sunday as well. Can Can is way overrated but great for drinks or a burger, French Onion soup etc, but menu is limited. Cafe Rustica has also been getting great reviews but is very small and the menu is also limited. I go to Yelp for my restaurant choices when travelling...www dot yelp dot com

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                      1. re: slcraft
                        AMFM RE: slcraft Nov 14, 2010 01:53 PM

                        even the burger and french onion soup were lousy at can can a few weeks back when i was there.

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