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Feb 14, 2009 05:50 AM

Healdsburg recommendations?

I aiming at a trip to Healdsburg in March and am looking for chowhound recommendations re:

* restaurants: I'm going to Cyrus later in the year and am now looking for delicious alternatives -- flexible on ethnicities, style and price. Lively and fun would be great.

* wineries: would like to visit Ramey and selected others within a modest driving distance. Don't mind paying a tasting fee or making a reservation. Your favorites?


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  1. My favourites in Healdsburg are:

    1. Preston (Organic) - love their C. Sauvignon
    2. Everett Ridge (they use some organic grapes) -like their Diablita line for everyday drinkability and they have an excellent port as well !
    3. Bella Vineyards - love their Zin.

    1. Good information has surfaced here in the last year or two, in the bodies of threads about North Bay food and wine. Examples:

        1. Restaurant: Willi's Wine Bar. Love it. Small plates. Everything tasty. Most imaginative but not too far out. Easy to find. Has outdoor seating if it's warm enough.

          1. We had a wonderful lunch last month at Restaurant Charcuterie. Very nice list of wines by the glass.