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Feb 14, 2009 05:01 AM

Vesta Bakery, Westerly

I just cannot believe how happy I am that we found this bakery! We went first thing this morning and we got bread, warm out of the oven. Even better, we got croissants, warm out of the oven! We got a plain and they had an almond which was filled with sort of an almond paste. The store is very small and not fancy. They do all sorts of pastries, wedding cakes, all looked wonderful! I believe they even bake for some restaurants. It is on Oak Street in Westerly.

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  1. Just had a lemon raspberry mousse cake from Vesta. Delicious! I also bought cookies and a baby brioche......all good. I am also happy to find this bakery! Hope it stays around a long time.

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      We stopped in one day and lucky for us they had left a Apple Pie behind instead of bringing it to the Farmer's Market. It was absolutely delicious! It is nice to get a real pie instead of a frozen bake off.

    2. I took your recommendation. I was visting my sister-in-law for Thanksgiving and needed breakfast for the next morning. I called Vesta Bakery, she made me croissants, muffins, and coffee cake that was amazing! Honestly amazing croissants! She opened an hour early for me and was so happy! I was so impressed, so was the family. Whenever you are in Westerly or the area. We were visiting in watch Hill, really close, it is so worth the phone call and visit.

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        The almond croissants are sinful and wonderful! Glad you liked it!

      2. It appears that Vesta is no more... just saw a "for rent" sign in the window...

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          Oh that is too bad, I will forever miss their almond croissants!

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            They're re-opening on Railroad Ave. in what was once a private house, but I don't know when.

            1. re: Joltingjoey

              Vesta re-opens today at 47 Railroad Ave. They had problems getting the health inspector down, which delayed the opening by several weeks.