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Feb 14, 2009 04:55 AM

Vegetarian choices at La Castafiore?

We'll be in Paris in two weeks, and one of our party of 4 is vegetarian. I'm treating the group to lunch on our first day, since two of them are Paris "rookies"...and I was hoping to have lunch at La Castafiore on Ile St. Louis.

However, I can't find a menu on line, and so I'm not certain that they offer vegetarian choices in addition to their regular Italian fare.

Does anyone know the answer to my question?


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  1. Even the meatless dishes will have some animal products (like butter) in the sauces, so if your friend is a Vegan, that fine restaurant probably won't work. Bummer.

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    1. re: Oakglen

      No, she's not a Vegan. Cheese and eggs are okay with her. She just doesn't eat meat or fish...

      1. re: signothetimes53

        Then you are home free. There are a number of web sites that list "approved restaurants" for veggie types; from Arpege down to neighborhood spots. It is really a none issue. Parisian restaurants love vegetarians; ingredient costs are much lower and prices are comparable to the regular fare. Not to worry.

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          "Parisian restaurants love vegetarians" maybe, maybe not. A lot of good French food will have a stock as a base, or gelatine as a setting agent. It may be a vegetable dish, but could have chicken stock as a base to enhance the depth of flavour. IMO care is needed as vegetarianism is still not considered a mainstream need.

    2. I still don't really have the info I'm looking for. I'm certain that I can find many vegetarian places in Paris, but that's not my question.

      I have one member of my party of 4 who doesn't eat meat or fish, and we're going to be on the Ile St. Louis at noontime on our first day in Paris in a couple weeks. My wife and I love La Castafiore, we've eaten there before, we just can't remember if there's a meatless dish available there....and I can't find a menu on-line.

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        Why don't you simply call them? It is a tourist restaurant so English will be spoken (+33 43 54 78 62).

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          Sure, I could call them, but I'm being frugal (aka as "cheap") and trying to procure the info I need free, without having to spend a couple dollars for a phone call...


      2. Apparently, La Castafiore has left its long-time location on Ile St. Louis, it has either closed or moved to a different location....

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          Of course! The restaurant is now Sorza; with lots of veggie dishes, and low prices, at least for the neighborhood. Decent reviews as well. Mystery solved!