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Feb 13, 2009 10:17 PM

What is the perfect combination of food and liquor on Main St.

Dependent on the bartender Cascade room has the best drinks in Vancouver. When it first opened the bartenders were amazing. Now it is hit and miss. That aside the food has always been less than palatable at Cascade. It seems like a bar that serves food for license purposes. Since Habit is closed because of fire what is the next best combination of food and drink on Main. We used to hit Habit for food and cascade for booze. It seems pointless to go to Cascade anymore it's become the Earls of Main st. If you arrive after 8 the wait is ridiculous I don't care how much cleavage the hostess shows me it's not worth it since you can't eat there. I'm crestfallen. I've done the Reef and Locus plus most other joints on or close to Main.St. 3 Lions has great food but it's not comfortable to sit for 3 hours. The Narrow is weak. Little help?

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  1. I don't live in that hood and haven't dined there in a little while. I'm not a big fan of Habit and actually preferred the food at Cascade. (I hear that Tina Fineza was redoing Habot's menu...then the fire struck. (She did the menu at Les Faux Bourgeois and couple of other places). Any idea when Habit will re-open?

    Have you been to Pings? (I'm not a huge fan myself, but it has been getting some good reviews of late). Soma? (I'm also not a big fan....I'm no help at all here LOL.)

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      Campagnolo is, IMO, easily the best restaurant on Main... but I don't think that's what you're looking for.

      Besides what's mentioned (by no means I'm saying these places are great, or even good): Grub, Burgoo, Foundation... ah.... not sure.

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        Agreed on campagnolo (I had lunch there for the first time last week with a friend. He and I shared a number of dishes including their addicting fried chickpeas.)

        I think the Cascade is really the best bet for food and drink.

    2. I ate at habit a few times before the fire and was pleased plus they were moving away from the Tapas. The latest word on Habit reopening is maybe end of April.. The Public would also be a good choice but the last time I was there they had Tapas still and there seems to be no value in that.

      It's weird isn't it Grub, Foundation, Burgoo, Locus, Reef all okay Restaurants. I hate to be a hater but it's a frustrating street. Ping's was decent I like the interior. We were there the first couple weeks they opened so I need to take another stab at it. I think you are right for the combination of eating and drinking Cascade is as good as I will find in the hood. What other good combination spots can you think of? I've never set foot in the Hennessy Lounge anyone been?

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        It has a good eating scene....perhaps take a different strategy: do a crawl. Eat at one place and Drink at another. They are all within a fair walking distance.

        1. re: fmed

          True true, the eat walk and drink walk and drink some more is my general rule. The issue I am having is I hate lining up or having to wait an hour to get in anywhere. Like any good place once you've got your table and your mates know where you are it's all good. Sometimes I don't want to wander I like to plant my ass have some good chats and good drinks eat when I am hungry, drink when I am thirsty. I haven't been to Zigz in a long time. Lots of restaurants on the street.

        2. re: the aleph

          I went to Grub a couple of weeks ago. Very small menu. The food was just okay. It's not very expensive but for the value I would go else where just because taste wise, it wasn't worth it. Great hummus though. I had the duck that other foodies have mentioned, it was overcooked, tasteless and very gamey. It tasted almost like lamb which I don't enjoy. The pasta it came with was way too salty.

        3. Has anyone been to Zigz lately? I haven't been in years, but I do remember a good meal & a good martini!

          1. I see no one has mentioned Crave...I enjoyed my visit there last summer and seems like a good combination of food and drink but it's not open late and it would be small when the back patio is not open so maybe not a place to drop in to. Another small but great place on Main is the Japanese place Zipang... again maybe not exactly what you're looking for but very good, reasonably priced sushi and Izakaya type fare in a fun environment, maybe add it on to the main street crawl list.

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            1. re: balini

              I have only been to Crave for brunch and lunch....but yes - that is a good suggestion. I don;t recall what the drinks list is like (I don't usually partake so early in the day.)

              1. re: balini

                Crave is a top choice but only when the patio is open. I actually forgot that one!

                1. re: the aleph

                  I would agree the food at Cascade needs serious help. Public on Main and 17th has decent chow...nothing extraordinary though. Did anyone mention Zipang? The sushi there is fantastic and you can drink beer. You could also check out the Whip on 6th just off Main. Again, the food is nothing to write home about but it's a cool enough spot to hang out until Habit reopens.

                  1. re: waylman

                    Food at the Whip was not worth the money we spent. My friend ordered a smoked salmon wrap and finished less than half of it because she found it so dissatisfying. The drinks weren't bad, though.

              2. I've never been, but I read some reviews about Narrow Lounge that sound like it might offer what you're looking for.