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Feb 13, 2009 09:58 PM

Allston Yacht Club in Echo Park?

Formerly 15 Restaurant. Any reports? I did a search and saw just a couple of postings. Is it worth a stop for casual date Sunday night?

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  1. This piece from the LA Times "Daily Dish" has some pretty good information on it:

    1. We went there last weekend and were really impressed. Great atmosphere, wonderful food (small plate approach) and very welcoming and attentive service. We're going back with friends next time.

      1. I was going to a show at the Echoplex and I remembered reading about Allston Yacht Club. It was a Saturday night and I was so relieved they took reservations. I was curious about The Park and Elf Cafe, but with no reservations on a Saturday night, I just didn't want to risk it. Also, Allston Yacht club has a full bar, always a plus in my book!

        I had a stunning cocktail featuring violet infused syrup. A real winner, and very refreshing.

        I don't know a thing about wine, but the prices were reasonable and my dining companion seemed to think the limited selection was well thought out. I had a glass of Chardonnay with the salmon and it was just right.

        Here is the great thing about this place. Nothing on the menu is over $9. Yes, it's "small plates" and the selections range from green papaya salad to plank roasted salmon to braised brussels sprouts. Everything was nicely paced and it was easy and fun to share. We ended with a baked apple tart, it was just right.

        A plus here? Really comfortable seating! They offer valet parking, it can be a little tight in the neighborhood.

        Another plus for us, but not for the business, is that it never got very crowded. I wish them the best because I think it's a really nice neighborhood place.

        1. Definitely a worthwhile stop! We came from the Westside to Echo Park to try it - Silver Lake foodie friends recommended it - and we're VERY glad we did. Delicious plates, creative (tasty!) drinks, cool ambience - really excellent all-around. Each of our dishes was quite good - the chimichurri beef skewers and duck salad were notably excellent, with large-ish portions (for small-plate entrees) and wonderful flavor. The waiter helped us modify the menu to create a delicious arugula salad that we nibbled alongside each plate, and the menu is affordable enough that we didn't hesitate to order the five items that really sounded great to us. I could have stayed longer, sampling cocktails and dessert, but our return drive made me think twice about lingering. Next time, we carpool with friends . . .

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            this place is great. i love that nothing is over 10 bucks, its perfect for sharing. ALso, wens and sundays they have a 3 course deal for $16. I've had almost everything there now cause i live so close to it, the smoked octopus and pork belly blt have been my favs. good stuff!


          2. Went there for the first time and loved it! I loved the small plate approach. The food went oh so well with drinks. Favorite was the cedar plank salmon. Great neighborhood place, worth checking out - also works well for a group dinner .

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              Were you there last night? It was my first time there too. Very friendly atmosphere, interesting drinks. The duck dishes were getting raves. I had a simple and lovely orange fennel salad.

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                What makes me nervous is the "B" that's remained in the window for weeks on end now. How often do the Health Department reassign this rating? I haven't returned because of it.

                The small plates approach is trendy and allows one to try a variety of things, but those $9 add up quickly, we noticed. We too had the orange fennel salad as well as some very tender tasty boneless ribs, Korean style, and their pommes frites with chimichurri sauce were yummy. Nice wine selection. Wish I could remember more of what we tried - some of the recs above are enticing.

                Will give it another try soon. Agreed that the atmosphere is cozy and friendly, also that we really need independent dining spots like this to survive in Echo Park.

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                  B = taste

                  Every ethnic person knows this.