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Feb 13, 2009 09:46 PM

ISO Veggie Sandwich w/ good bread

Twice this week I had the veggie sandwich at Subway made with fresh veggies -- not the veggie patty . Yep, I said twice. That makes me wonder how much better a veggie sandwich can be at the places known by Chowhounds for making them extra good. To me bread is the foundation of a sandwich and great bread is needed to build a great sandwich. Who has great bread and builds veggie sandwiches right?

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      1. re: fdb

        Mendocino Farms is VERY good, thanks again ipsedixit! Just beware that they are closed on weekends. Now if only I could find another casual place with similar sandwiches, open on weekends life would be good!

        Mendocino Farms
        300 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA

        1. re: sel

          The Drunk'n Goat sandwich is amazing, and I don't even like cheese ...

    1. Not a sandwich but the "Salad Pizza" at Abbots Pizza is very good in my opinion ( only had it at the Venice location ).. Its my go to slice when I dine there. Sometimes I wait for it to be made. Its really good.. I too find myself eating the veggie subs at subway if Im in an area that I dont know and want something healthy..

      Abbot's Pizza Co
      1407 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

      1. way off the beaten path and tremendously expensive, but the Ritz at Dana Point serves a fantastic veggie sandwich on great bread.
        the wonderful view and obsequious service add another $10 to the price, and don't forget that even with a validation, they charge for parking.

        1. Domingo's Italian Deli in Encino makes a pretty darn nice Italian-style one, on some crusty rolls.

          1. The rolls they put the sandwiches on at Bay Cities are superior -- crusty, well-textured, good flavored, fresh. I don't know if they make a veggie sandwich per se, but wow you could construct a great one -- they have sliced cooked eggplant, roasted peppers, a choice of cheeses. Get it with the regular condiments, including the mild or hot pepper spread, or maybe add some other items from the case -- maybe have them slice some of the marinated mushrooms. Or keep it really simple and just do the eggplant parm sandwich there with marinara sauce on their fantastic bread.

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              I have had both the eggplant, and also "tweaked" one to become veggie. I will probably get slammed for this but I do like the veggie offerings at Marmalades...(here it comes).