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Restaurants in Newton

Hey everyone, I was hoping that one of you could help me out. I'm staying at Hotel Indigo (really close to the Riverside green line stop) and would like some ideas for great places to eat. I'm in grad school, so it can't be TOO expensive, but I'd love something that isn't a chain. Thanks for your recommendations!


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  1. -Blue Ribbon BBQ - Washington St, West Newton
    -Newton Corner Mart (home style northern Chinese, no seating), Centre St, Newton Corner (weekends only)
    -Antoine's (bakery), Watertown St, Nonantum
    -Bobalicious (bahn mi, bubble tea)
    -Lumiere (French bistro), Washington St., West Newton - pricey
    -51 Lincoln (American?), Lincoln St., Newton Highlands - pricey but slightly less than Lumiere
    -Le's (Vietnamese), Washington St, Newtonville

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      Where exactly on Washington St. is Le's. The only restaurant I know that serves Vietnamese food there is Lam's.


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        Le's is in the Atrium Mall on Rt 9.

    2. Farm Grill and Rotisserie on Needham Street. Great Greek food.
      Amarin in Newton Corner for Thai.
      Karoun in Newtonville for middle eastern (although this is a bit pricey)

      1. PaddyO's West Newton (pub grub)
        Fiorella's West Newton (reasonable italian)
        Dunn Gaerin's Newton (pub grub)
        Biltmore Newton (pub grub)
        The Local West Newton (pricier pub grub)
        Rice Valley Wash. St. W. Newton (Chinese)

        1. Kouzina in Waban ( a village of Newton). Just a couple of stops on the green line. Small, cozy place with excellent food and easy to get to.

          1. Do you have a car? It's a very short drive to Moody Street in Waltham, with plenty of restaurants (in all budgets and cuisines) to choose from. Do a search on Moody Street here.

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              Unfortunately, no, I don't have a car. So it has to be accessible by train or walking. :)

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                Since you don't have a car, many of the other suggestions here won't work for you.

                You can take the T to Newton Center where there are a number of restaurants (eg, Sweet Tomato's Pizza, Number 1 Noodle House for bowl of chinese noodle soup).

                Or take the T to Brookline Village for Orinoco.

                During M-F, you can also take Bus #558 from Riverside to Waltham Center/Moody Street, for the restaurants in Waltham. Check MBTA.com for bus schedules.

            2. Pie Bakery & Cafe at the Newton Center stop. Great desserts, soups, and spinach and feta pie. The meat-based stuff (chicken pot pie, sandwiches, etc) is hit and miss, though.

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                The Pie is great but,
                a little expensive
                for 4-5 bucks the slice you get should feed two people.
                Find a good bakery and you are paying a lot less for a pie.
                Yes they make a wide selection, but a good selection doesnt merit such prices.
                I was shocked to see the price of a single pie, 24 Dollars!!
                Yikes, generally a bakery sells a pie for 10-15 dollars
                and Whole foods Pies are only $11
                Its another example of Starbucks Gourmet syndrome. Pay double to be stylish.

                and I sincerely dont mean to rip these guys, They make really good PIe!!

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                  My brother went there on Saturday and got the "Philly" pie for lunch and half way through he noticed the meat had a green tinge to it. Eww! The guy working behind the counter apologized profusely and gave him something else to eat and returned his money.

                  However, the owner was there too and she never came over to apologize or anything.

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                    Yikes, green-tinged meat! That's scary! All the more reason to avoid the meat stuff at Pie.

                    And joechristo, I'm used to paying about $4 per slice when I go to a bakery, I've never been to a place that sells slices for less than that. If you know of any, do tell! And I do mean slice, I don't know what I'd do with an entire pie, which I agree you're better off looking elsewhere if you want a whole one.

                  2. Cherry Tree, West Newton- Pub Food
                    Great Steak Tips
                    Best Wings around
                    Excellent Burgers

                    Antoines has Quality Pastries
                    Paddy's and Oharas have great pizza
                    Blue Ribbon for BBQ
                    Comella's for Italian dishes

                    If you want the best breakfast sandwich you may ever have stop in
                    and see Elisa on Adams St.
                    made on scali it's like 2 sandwiches
                    and the secret ingredient.....


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                      I'm glad to see a post on Elisa's - it's one of those places that I have driven by many, many times and always wonder about, but haven't stopped in. Anything else you'd recommend from there?

                    2. Good suggestions here. I'd add some good chicken enchiladas verdes or mole, along with tasty sangria and a delicious carnitas appetizer at Cafe Sol Azteca in Newton Center. Not bargain Mexican, but solid and consistent.

                      For fresh, tasty and inexpensive Mexican, hop on the T to Waltham Center and check out Taqueria Mexico on Charles St.

                      Cafe Sol Azteca
                      75 Union St, Newton, MA 02459

                      Taqueria Mexico
                      24 Charles St, Waltham, MA 02453

                      1. I second the Kouzina reccomendation for your constraints. It's very good, creative Greek, mid priced and right on the green line. Nice atmosphere too.

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                          Without a car, you should take the train to Newton Center. There are a bunch of restaurants there. Union St. Grille is sort of a sports bar. Big menu, strictly pub grub. Nothing great but OK. It's right near the train stop but a little hard to find because it is behind another building. There is a Japanese restaraunt there, too. Can't remember the name.