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Feb 13, 2009 07:18 PM

Late dining near the Marina?

A group of ten will be looking for dinner and drinks at around 10 pm on a Saturday night. We'd prefer a modest place without television sets or loud music. A good pizza place would be just about perfect.

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  1. Marina sucks, but Pizza Orgasmica rules. Open till 2ish


    ORRRRR go to rad bars, get wasted and eat some bacon wrapped hotdogs from a vendor in the mission!

    1. There are quire a few places open late in the Marina with no television or loud music, but which tend to be full and have open kitchen so loud anyway: Laiola, A16, Mamacita are open until 11 pm on Saturdays. By 10 pm should not have a problem getting a table for 10 at A16 or Laiola.

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        a16 has a back room with a table that can handle 10 no problem. it cuts down on the noise problem. give them a call ahead of time and see what you can work out. btw, pizzas there are very good.

      2. I cannot think of any pizza-place type places that would fit your bill. Mamacita (modern-mexican) might work but you'd have to reserve well in advance.

        Laiola is phenominal and kitchen is open until at least 11, I think 11:30 and the place doesn't close down until midnight or later on Saturdays. Might be hard to get 10 people sitting together, though.

        Actually, I think Amici's is open until 11 if all you want is pizza and a place to sit.

        I agree with the poster who said the best pizza in the Marina / Cow Hollow is at Orgasmica, but there is no place to sit there.