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Feb 13, 2009 06:38 PM

Lykn Chicken Ribs

Be eating at Lykn Chicken for some time, best pulled pork imho. But as of late I’ve been eating there ribs. Now when I first had the ribs some time back I was a little confused, my wife often tells me I’m more than a little confused. I was unsure to what or how there was so much meat on these ribs. Anyway when I returned I tried the pulled pork and been eating mostly the pulled pork sandwiches with a few half chickens here and there.

These ribs are different than I’ve ever had before, and I’ve eaten and made a lot of ribs over the years. Up till eating Lykn Chicken ribs I was always a fan of spare/side ribs and not back ribs. I always thought that the spare ribs where tastier due to the extra fat. That the side ribs would stand up to the long smoking process better due to the extra fat. Well I’m no longer in the side rib camp anymore. Mind you I still not a great fan of regular back ribs.

The back ribs that Lykn Chicken is selling is very meaty, they have some loin meat attached. Most back ribs that I’ve eaten or purchased have always been cut close to the bone, meaning that the loin that was attached to the back ribs has been removed. What you are left with is the meat between the ribs. Now the meat between the bones is sweet and tasty, hence why we talk so much about ribs. However, what Lykn Chicken has is a great deal of the loin still attached, meaning that there is a lot of meat still attached to the ribs. Now with this extra meat also come a little fat, which like the spear ribs, provides some moisture and also some tenderization to the meat.

These ribs are so sweet, moist and tender, and are full of meat. The smoke ring is quite deep and the smoke flavour is intense. There is a spice/herb rub on the meat and then with Lykin Chicken’s own BBQ sauce, good eats. You know without any question that these are proper BBQ ribs. Now because there is a great deal of meat, one could not eat a full rack of ribs, just too much meat. Lykn Chicken sells 3 ribs with a side (fries, salad, rice etc…) for $11.00. I’m a big man and I can eat, but I had the ribs with fries and was full. Also, once I stared eating the ribs, I did nothing but eat the ribs, I could not put them down.

After eating these babies I have no clue what I was thinking when I posted about The Brick BBQ. In fact I would have to say that these are the best ribs I’ve ever eaten, better than I can do at home due to the smoke flavour and the cut.

Here is the address 7460 Airport Road, and a link

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  1. Lykn Chicken fan here too! and yet I've never tried their ribs

    It's on my to do list for sure

    Love the pulled pork sandwich and homemade cole slaw... Smoked chicken aint bad either! Can definitely tell its really smoked because theres a nice pink smoke ring on the outside...the place is highly underrated IMO

    1. You have to keep watching for meaty back ribs. Last summer Fortino's in Brampton had some beauties on special. They had 2 to 3 cm of meat over the bones that ran the length of the racks. I bought and froze all I could afford.
      Just last week, Michael-Angelo's in Mississauga had similarly meaty ribs. I never thought to ask the source of them. There must be a packer around here that is cutting ribs the way we like them.
      I must ask at Lykn where he gets his ribs.

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      1. re: iamafoodie

        Look for farmers' ribs, or country ribs. They used to be more common in the supermarts, but only a few have them. They can be quite meaty and succulent, more so than the small loin roasts. where this cut would normally go.

        1. re: jayt90

          Country ribs are great - extra meat, and they come from the first three or four ribs on the shoulder. I recently shot a series with the Healthy Butcher, as Dave broke a whole pig into the various cuts they sell; he couldn't stop talking about the country ribs. When the butcher effuses so greatly about a cut... well maybe they are that great.

          Anyway - since this place sells 3 ribs for a serving, well maybe they are indeed country ribs.

          1. re: legourmettv

            Jayt90 and legourmettv looking at my Gisslen from cooking school country style ribs has a shorter rib and a great deal of meat, which if I’m not mistaken are not considered ribs. Lykn Chicken ribs are from the back bone; it’s just that the butcher does not cut all the lion from the ribs. About 3 inches or so of lion meat are left attached to the back ribs. So when lying down, a rack would have 3 inches or more of meat sitting atop the bones.

            So not to confuse anyone, these are not Country Style ribs; which generally have a small bone and then the meat is butterflied so that there is 6 inches or more of meat. I would consider Country Style ribs as lion, not ribs.

            1. re: Pastryrocks

              These are amazing ribs. I had a recipe from a Rick Bayless book that asked for them. I ended up finding them at Di Liso's at St Lawrence Market. You need to ask him to cut them for you. They are not on the shelf. These can also be called "Farmer's Style" ribs.

      2. Walked into Lykn Chicken this afternoon and was hit by the sweet smell of smoke. I asked what was smoking and was told he was doing ribs. I was just in time, there were about to come out of the BBQ!

        I asked how about selling a whole rack. He said of course, so I purchased a whole rack of meaty ribs for $23.00. I also ordered ribs to eat for lunch with some fries. Really good eats!

        There is a nice pinkish smoke ring and the meat is nice and juicy. I talk about the ribs in my above post. Also I was out taking some photos of some product and I asked if I could take a photo of the ribs, and Noel said no problem. So here are some photos of the meatiest, tastiest, smoky ribs I’ve ever seen or tasted!

        Three photos are the whole rack of ribs cooling on sheet pan. The one with fries is a serving that I had for lunch.