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Feb 13, 2009 06:14 PM

New Peruvian place, Lynnwood

Just off Hwy 99 near the Walgreens at 208th, I've recently seen a sign for San Fernandos Roasted Chicken. The place is now opened. I stopped by to look at their menu. It turned out to be Peruvian, not only with roasted chicken but other dishes that I've seen in Peruvian cookbooks, like ocopa (potatoes with a yellow pepper sauce) and lomo saltado (a beef stirfry). I haven't had a chance to eat there yet.

Specifically it at the south end of a strip mall on the east side of 67th Ave, just south of the intersection of 208th st and 99.

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  1. Thanks Paul for the heads up.
    I'll stop by there some time next week.
    I know nothing about Peruvian food. What are some signature dishes of Peru?

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      i've loved the Peruvian I'd had in Boston and other places. The Seattle area lacks South American food places in general, so this is great.

      1. re: asha

        Did my homework by reading the above wiki article and paulj's list below before heading out to San Fernando's today.
        Cool little kitchen, all stainless steel. 3 guys working hard around 11:30 a.m. today.
        I ordered the 1/4 chicken and the Papa Rellena to go. When I mentioned this was my first time eating Peruvian food, the owner walked me through the menu. It was very obvious that he was very proud of his rotisserie chicken, and rightfully so, It was very good and the seasoning was just so.
        The Papa Rellena was great! The meat filling was delicious and the fried stuffed potato was not greasy. The red onion side to the Papa Relleno was refreshing, and I was given the choice of how hot I wanted the "dressing" on the onions.
        I did not know that Pervuvian food would be so peppery hot. There was a green sauce that came with the chcken. I was told cilantro, some milk, some vinegar and some chile peppers. It is pretty zippy. <G>
        Next time I will try the Chicarrone and the Ceviche.
        Has anyone tried the Ceviche?

    2. The place appears to have limited seating. I'm reminded of a Cuban/Mexican place that was open for a year or two near downtown Lynnwood (Don Chuy's)

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        I'll have to check this place out. Since you mentioned Cuban cuisine, are they any really good ones that stand out? Thanks:)

        1. re: TaylorRoot

          Don Chuy's is closed. It used to be over in that furniture mart area east of 44th.

      2. Exciting development. Is there any ceviche?

        1. We went to San Fernando's Roasted Chicken over the weekend for dinner. As described, it is in the strip mall just next to the Walgreens on Hw99 near 208th.

          It's a small place - about 5 tables. When we got there, all the tables were full, and there was a steady stream of people coming in for takeout - a good sign.

          Everyone seemed to be ordering the roasted chicken with fries. We ordered the 1/4 chicken with fries, and Pollo Arroz Verde (chicken w/ green rice). The 1/4 chicken was up almost immediately. It was really really good. Fantastic flavor, freshly roasted, cooked just the right amount. Can't beat it. Fries were good too, and the spicy green sauce was great.

          The Pollo Arroz Verde took a while - in hindsight, not the best decision since everyone had just the roasted chicken, and heck, that's the name of the place! But when it did finally arrive, it was fabulous. The rice was really tasty and spicy, and the chicken was great too.

          The meal was cheap - about $15 with tax & tip for the both of us.

          I saw some people drinking a red drink, which I'm curious about. The staff isn't fluent in English, and they were busy, so I decided to ask them about the drink the next time I'm in.

          I wish the place was closer to Seattle. Lynnwood is a little far for us. But I'm definitely going back, and next time ordering a 1/2 or whole chicken with fries. I haven't had better roasted chicken. I think the whole chicken with fries was about $15. They use decent sized chickens - a 1/4 chicken with fries is just about enough to fill my tummy.

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          1. re: sagarwal

            We stopped by San Fernando's for takeout on the way home from grocery shopping at Traders (and Star). Got 3/4 Roasted chicken with fries and salad. 3/4 because that was all that was left of current batch (more in the roaster). Despite that, the chicken was quite good, moist and flavorful (well spiced skin, but not hot). The fries were freshly fried generic frozen, which by the time we got home were pretty limp and uninspiring. The salad was basically shredded iceberg. Included was a spicy green salsa - with a creamy consistency suggesting its was is crackers and pureed romaine (see Peruvian salsa threads).

            The red drink (in a big jug in the cooler), I believe, is listed on the menu as chicha morada. Chicha often refers to a corn beer, but I think this is a fruit drink that derives its color from a purple corn.

            Other items on the menu (which I didn't try):
            - chicharones with yucca; deep fried chunks of pork (something like Meixcan carnitas), yucca sticks also fried; with pickled red onions (looked good)
            - ocopa - probably potatoes with a cheesy, yellow pepper sauce
            - a couple of tripe dishes (one with an Italian description)
            - a couple of tillapia dishes
            - on weekends some seafood and rice dishes
            - some sort of tamale

            1. re: paulj

              So if you went again, what would you order? (Maybe I will go tomorrow, so I'd love the advice!)

              1. re: zoogrrrl

                Sooner or later I'll have to try their tripe dishes, though at the moment I have some cooked tripe in fridge that needs to be turned into a soup or stew. The chicarones looked good, though I'd want to share them with someone else. The portions are large, and that dish would be too rich by itself. Most entres were about $8.

                1. re: paulj

                  Ate here yesterday had the quarter chicken of which I don’t think more needs to be said it is really good. Also tried the chicharones which were actually deep fried pork ribs and a hunk of deep fried pork it was very nice salt h and yummy the red onion salad was a lot of red onions marinated and very sweet, but probably not something you would want to eat on a first date.

                  The stand outs for me were the two chili sauces one orange and very spicy the other green and quiet spicy.
                  This is place is great!

              2. re: paulj

                And in the same section as the chicken (1, 1/2, 1/4), salchipapas. Litterally sausage-pototoes, fries with hot dogs, and presumably with a sauce. This has become one the most popular street foods in many parts of Latin America.