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Feb 13, 2009 06:03 PM

OC: Current recs on steakhouses and French requested

Howdy, all.

I am headed to OC for the weekend and have everything set except for dinner on Sunday. I am looking for a good steakhouse or excellent French in any part of OC. Not too worried about cost as we are celebrating.

Romantic would be nice, but not essential. Still, someplace memorable would be much appreciated.

Any recent reviews to share?


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  1. Hello Seth,

    For French I am sure most on the board will say Marche Moderne in the South Coast Plaza. Other options would be Pascales, Old Vine Cafe is more international.

    As for steakhouses I like Mastro's Steakhouse in Costa Mesa.

    1. Depends. I like Marche Moderne better but Tradition by Pascal is more authentically French.

      For steak I agree, Mastro's in Costa Mesa, but don't let them sucker you into the bad "bone-in filet mignon". Bleurgh. Get a Porterhouse.

      1. For my money, the best steak in OC is at Spark in Huntington Beach. Located at Main and PCH, the restaurant occupies the second floor and offers a panoramic view of the Pacific. The steaks are cooked to perfection. But enjoy the total dining experience.

        To begin with, Spark has an extensive martini menu with some really special choices. I always gravitate to the Pomegranat martini which they garnish with edible pansies.

        For starters, don't be misled by a "simple" shrimp cocktail. The presentation is sublime and the Bombay Saphire cocktail sauce is outstanding. I would also highly recommend the crab cakes with corn relish.

        While they offer the usual array of good quality steaks, the little things are what make Spark special. The warm and soft garlic rolls just make your dinner that much better. And, I've never been disappointed by the excellent service.

        The service, the casual ambience, and the spectacular view make for romantic and memorable dining.