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Feb 13, 2009 05:22 PM

Damn The Torpedo's.....


Where is it.....
Why is this new year -round taking so long to get into store's
Many stores in my area claim the local vendor is getting it in piecemeal and doling it out as strongly requested......Total Wine ( which in this locale, is notorious for its lack of being ahead of any new/limited beer release curve) can't keep it in,,,, Whole paycheck hasn't had it......only a specialty market (Peace Street), and a local grocery, upon special request, gets a case in every several days, and it stays in the receiving area and is available to the local cognisenti.....Triangle Region of it spreading slowly eastward from Chico?.....and when might we see it on a regular basis.......also in the same vein, why don't we see the other year round, Wheat , any least around here? Does any one else experience similar situations?
Solutions? Talk to local vendors? Query Chico?
PS.... After several try's I think this is a home run offering.

  1. We have tons of it in NoVA. Which of a brewery's products are available in a given area is pretty much up to the local wholesaler.