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Feb 13, 2009 05:12 PM

Solo eating...

A little unorganized, but bear with me...

I am going to be in NOLA for a week in March and am traveling solo, therefore eating solo...on a grad student budget. I have an apartment with a kitchen, so I will be grabbing a muff from Central to nibble on during the week. Are there any other food items that will stand up to a few days in the fridge?

I am also interested in a some places that are solo female friendly. I love sitting at the bar and reading a book or just eavesdropping on local conversation. I know it will be a splurge, but I think I will do lunch at Cochon. I also know one night I have a barstool with my name on it at Port O' Call for a burger.

I am an oyster freak...which is the place to go, Acme, Felix, Casamentos??

I will be staying in the Marigny triangle...where are the places and the specific dishes that are a must that also fit the bill for being friendly to a chick hangin' solo at the bar, AND easy on the wallet. I know this is a big bill to fill, but I have read tons of these posts and know that y'all are crafty chowhounds.

Another problem is...I do NOT eat crawfish. Unfortunate incident at a boil a few years back.

I have a bike and am willing to pedal to eat.

Lastly, I am wandering over to Algiers to catch a show one I don't think I can handle a burger at the Dry Dock.


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  1. I have frequently eaten sole (female) at Gallatoires over many years, and have always been treated royally. I am underwhelmed by Cochon, but I seem to be in the minority here.

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      I am from shabby/casual Seattle. What should I wear out at Gallatoires? Is business casual gonna work?

      1. re: seatowner

        Galatoire's would be very spendy. Jackets are required for men, so that's the level of dress.

        I imagine you'll be spending some time at dba, and check out Adolfo's (on Frenchman) for pretty reasonable italian. Mona's is cheap and good middle eastern. I'd go Casamento's for oysters, but that is a haul. Standing at the bar at Felix's is a good time.

        Anything in the quarter will be within walking distance, look up Coop's and Eat Restaurant, and walk by Remoulade and see what you think.

      1. I'd go with Casamento's.

        In Algiers, a few blocks from the Dry Dock is Aunt Leni's Cafe.
        This is a little neighborhood place that reminds me of true New Orleans Neighborhood Cafes of my youth.

        They have a very nice gumbo & lots of other things to choose from & very reasonable.

        If Hillary is there, strike up a conversation with her.
        I met her there one day that I was solo & we really hit it off.
        I had no idea she was the owner til I was almost getting ready to leave!

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        1. re: Isabella

          I am also a female living here who dines solo a LOT! I think Cochon is delicious, well-priced, and would be very friendly to a solo woman.

          I have to say, I don't like Mona's very much. Not special enough to spend a dinner in New Orleans on.

          Thirded on Casamentos! I live very close and it is about the best fried seafood i have ever had. Also would be okay for a solo diner. I would skip the food at Felix's and Acme (beyond the broiled oysters), but the half-shells are splendid.

        2. If you're going to Algiers anyway, try the new takeout place next to the dry dock

          1. For take out, or free delivery in the Faubourg Marigny or FQ try Verti Marte. Open 24/7.