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Spanish Tuna (Canned) Anywhere?

Can anyone recommend where I might find Spanish tuna--or really anything that swims in the Mediterranean--but the real stuff, canned with real olive oil...I'll settle for Portugese or Italian in a pinch but prefer Spanish.

I can't do this Starkist crap anymore.


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  1. Buon Italia and Citarella both carry premium canned tuna in olive oil, and Buon Italia also has Ventresca, which is tuna belly (a.k.a. toro if you're a sushi eater).

    Buon Italia
    75 Ninth Avenue
    New York, NY 10011

    2135 Broadway
    New York, NY 10023

    1. Whole Paycheck usually carries a wide variety....or go online to Zingermans...out of Ann Arbor.

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              Yeah, I'd have to assume that's a best bet. If you find yourself in Park Slope, D'Vine Taste on 7th & Garfield carries several Spanish tunas, both in glass jars and cans.


        1. Dean & Delucca at Soho.
          Amish Market at 44th, between 2nd and 4d.

            1. My local fish market sells the Ortiz Ventresca (red elongated can) for $12 which I think is a good price.

              Pisacane on First Avenue and 52nd Street.

              1. Wild Edibles in GCT carries Flott Ventresca (Italy) @ $12.99/tin. And they have other cuts for less, their "Solid Light" in olive oil is $3.99/can.

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                  Cierello meat shop, also in GCT, has them.

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                    What size can are you talking about for the Flott? They are good, but I think Ortiz is a higher quality. But I am not a tuna authority! Perhaps a lunatic, since I cram my bags with tuna cans and jars whenever I return from Spain or Italy.

                  2. chefswarehouse.com, great wholesale prices if you can pick up a case at their Bronx location. They used to carry Spanish tuna but it looks like they currently only have Italian.If you go to the website click miscellaneous under seafood. In a pinch try progresso solid light in olive oil, it's surprisingly good better than some of the imports I have had.

                      1. thanks all, I will start the hunt this weekend and report back. In terms, of uses, newfoodie, the possibilities are endless. A traditional Catalan approach would be a 500 mg jar (whatever that is in ounces) on new lettuce, with some vinaigrette carrots, garbanzos, pine nuts, some green pepper and ground black pepper. Follow with a dry white and life is good.

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                          The very highest quality brand from Spain that you'll find is Ortiz, "bonito del norte" from Ondarroa, Vizcaya.

                        2. DespaƱa on Grand near lafayette. LOVE this store, big selection of canned goods, olive oil, tapenade, sardines, fish, octopus etc etc. Also a big meat and cheese selection and a good sandwich bar.


                          1. Fans of ventresca might be interested to learn of a great price on As Do Mar being offered by the Associated on Second Avenue/49th st. $3.99 per can. Expiration at the end of 2010.